Interviews with LCF graduates- Ekaterina Gerasimova

Interviews with LCF graduates- Ekaterina Gerasimova

In the first meet of Ekaterina Gerasimova’s collection, I am just shocked and wondered what is the designer’s mind behind to create such beautiful and message telling collection. Finally, Fashion Criminals? Fashion Beings? has an interview with her. 

Ekaterina Gerasimova is one of the graduates in London College of Fashion this year. Her Graduation collection is about Latin American parables and common lavish imagery (like tattoos and religion). Ekaterina deconstructed and reconstructed the inspiration and put these elements in her illustrations. She created a story in this collection, ” an obessed woman travel from Europe to Brazil and get inspiration from crafts, cultures, spirtually, rituals and superstitions artifacts. 

Ekaterina mixed all illustration and symbolic imagery on the textile design of her collection. She different printing techniques like digital print, devote and felting with appplique, embroidery and fur crafts.  The whole collection is the celebration of diversity which is the application of different decorative designs. 

Interview with Ekaterina Gerasimova

G: Criminal Girl, E: Ekaterina Gerasimova

G: You had a presentation of collection in your graduation show. Would you please tell me more about this collection? (the theme, silhouette or details of the collection)

E: This collection began through my love of illustrative, symbolic imagery and their application to textiles. Collection range revolves around a multitude of layered surface textiles techniques such as print devore, felting, appliqué and embroidery, in traditional and digital variations, including some specialist fur crafts (sponsored by Saga Furs) –  that are engineered into my womenswear designs.
The creative collaboration between garment and print is a massive inspiration to me that I juxtapose onto sophisticated and playfully elaborate garments. A major influence in all the areas I’m researching is Latin American parables and common lavish imagery (often seen in tattoos or religion) deconstructed and reconstructed with my own illustrations. I’ve also looked at how elements of African and European Christian culture and local indigenous cultures create amazing, expressive visuals which I have found deeply inspire me.

My work is a celebration of diversity through excessive decorative designs. I think about a culture obsessed woman from Europe travelling through Brazil discovering cults, crafts, spiritually, rituals, superstitions artifacts and more. These all dramatically affect her image. The element of travel and cultural diversity is inspiring to my work, and where and I want to share that obsession with colours, prints and textures in designs I have for my own.

G: Will you use your design signature in your collection or give terms to describe your new collection?

E: Print and 3d print – personal worship, identity

G: What is your muse for this collection?

E: Frida

G: What kind of make up/ accessories for your collection?

E: Trimmed fur shoes- the make up is like latino dancers – really greasy in a way

G:What new for you this season? Any colors or designs element recommended?

E: I like pagan its always contemporary I also love colourful winters collections

G: How about your study in London Collage of Fashion? Any special culture? The enviornment? and why your choose this school? 

E: That’s a good school with reputation and wonderful tutors

G: Why did you interested in fashion? 

E: I had been doing it for 7 years so far (that’s my 2nd degree) – that’s only thing I am a professional in)))

G: What do you think about the new designers in London?

E: Internationals all go home due to new visa policy- its really hard now

G: What will you prefer to be after the graduation? (About the Career Path/ will you start your own brand)?

E: No but id love to work as a print/textiles designer

G: Where do you seek your inspiration?

E: Strong visuals/illustration/movies

G: What is your favorite designer and why?

E: Dries V. Notten cause he’s so good with prints.

After the interview:

I really think that Ekaterina Gerasimova can be a good illustrator. She did a good development of drawing techniques with strong colors and message telling. Her collection shows that she love cultural drawings, and she did a good job to redefine those cultural elements to be her own illustration. She will be a good culture keeper and story-teller. Hope that she will keep going on her work, and hope she will find a job in London. This is because she really did good standard works and she will be a kind of new wave for London fashion industry. 

See more about Ekaterina Gerasimova:

When Criminal Girl meets Ekaterina Gerasimova


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