Interviews with LCF graduates- Kei Ling Lee

Interviews with LCF graduates- Kei Ling Lee

When I first saw Kei Ling Lee’s collection on London College of Fashion Website, I keep asking myself ” Why I can’t see this collection on the stage??” I really think that her collection is unique, funny and charming!  

Kei Ling Lee is one of the graduate of LCF 2012, her graduation collection used “chameleon” as her inspiration. ” Chameleon” is an amazing lizard that changes skin color to camouflage their surroundings. This habit helps to protect themselves from their predators. She choose “Chameleon” because she would like to talk more about the issue of identity. “Chameleon” is just like the citizen right now, we are keep changing ourselves in order to “fit in” our society. This is very sad issue that we cannot be true to ourselves. However, it is the unspoken rules in the world, it is the key to help us to cope and succeed in the world.

Interview with Kei Ling Lee

G: Criminal Girl  K: Kei Ling Lee

G:You had a presentation of collection in your graduation show. Would you please tell me more about this collection? (the theme, silhouette or details of the collection)

K: The idea of the collection is based around an amazing lizard, the’ chameleon’. Chameleons have the unique ability to change their skin colour to camouflage their surroundings, which in turn protects them from their predators.

This collection allows us to explore issues of identity. Particularly how we change ourselves in order to ‘fit in’ by constantly adapting to the majority, even though this might not be true to ourselves. The issues touched upon in this collection are an unspoken rule in the world- adapting and being camouflage with the majority is something we have to do in order to cope and succeed in the world.

G: Will you use your design signature or terms to describe your new collection?

K: Quirky is what I would describe my design style. This is also said by my tutors and friends. It is also very colourful. Obviously, it is referenced from the chameleons. I am a colour lover, it just feel so happy with colours. Also this is how I see the world, it is colourful and fun.

G: What is your muse for this collection?

K: I don’t really have a muse. Things just pops up in my head like the chameleon. I remember I saw a documentary sometime ago and I find it really fascinating. Then I refer it to fashion and identity, try to find the mutual features of chameleon and human.


G: What kind of make up/ accessories for your collection?

K: I didn’t have any accessories in the collection as the garments are already so full. The garments have enough to speak about my concept and theme.


G: What new for you this season? Any colors or designs element recommended?

K: I am more interested in todays menswear. It’s become bolder and of course I am attracted by the vibrant colours and prints.  For example, Thom Browne, Christopher Kane, Paul Smith and Christopher Shannon, etc. from Sprint 2013. 


G: How about your study in London College of Fashion? Any special culture? The environment? and why your choose this school?

K: I didn’t specifically choose LCF, I only chose to come to London because it is a centre for fashion. London is an exciting place, it’s full of different cultures. You can learn a lot by meeting different nationalities everyday.


G: Why are you interested in fashion?

K: I am not so sure why exactly. I guess my family is the key influence because almost everyone in my family is involved in fashion industry.


G: What will you prefer to be after the graduation? (About the Career Path/ will you start your own brand)?

K: Not going to start my own brand, still too young, looking to gain actual industry experience, what college teaches you is just a tiny amount.


G: Where do you seek your inspiration?

K: Movies; any kind of movies, I watch loads of craps sometimes. Because you never know what clicks. The more I watch, the more I could be inspired.Music and philosophy.


G: Who is your favorite designer and why?

K: I don’t have a favorite designer because there are so many impressive designers. 


After the interview….

After interviewing with Kei Ling Lee,I think she is a young, energetic and positive designer. For her, I think everything is possible! I really think that her design is not “Quirky”, her design is catch as much as ours eyes as possible and expand the exception of audience.

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