Interview with fashion blogger – Jason Yao

Interview with fashion blogger – Jason Yao

Jason Yao is the owner of his fashion blog JY, it is a useful and meaningful blog showing different up and coming designers and window display in London and Hong Kong. On the other hand, Jason Yao is a London-based Hong Konger, he studied in a management course in London College of Fashion and working as a freelance fashion reporter. 

Jason choose fashion because of Vivienne Westwood, he likes her designs and feel interesting to get into fashion field. When he head to London, he meets different up and coming designers because of his job, he willing to introduce all of them to the public. He also reports different window display, as he found that it is hard to find information about window display. For the next 10 years, Jason aims to develop his own concept store, selling different up and coming designers clothing. 

LV window display in Hong Kong 

LV x Yayoi Kusama in Hong Kong 

Joyce by Romeo Gigli in Hong Kong 

Issey Miyake in London

Liberty in London

Top Shop in London

Selfridges in London

Interview with Jason Yao

G: Criminal Girl  J: Jason Yao

G: What is the reason of writing your fashion blog?

J: I just wanted to collect window displays when I started the blog. I was a branding student in HK and found it very difficult to do research when doing my VM projects. Then I went to London for a summer course in 2008 and I found there were many amazing windows around the city. I told myself I had to have a window blog if I had a chance to go back. On the other side, I am also a freelance fashion reporter and keep doing interviews and store reports. I believe there will be someone wants to read my articles in English so finally you saw my messy blog having windows and reports at the same time.

Fashion Reporting in Cosmopolitan Magazine (Hong Kong)

G: Why do you interested in London fashion, window display etc. Is there any elements that you found interesting in London fashion?



G: It seems that you really like to report the up and coming designers, would you please suggest 1 or 2 designers that you think is the rising star within these few years?

J: I got a lot! Haha. But I would say Nicomede Talavera as a menswear designer definitely. He was a CSM BA student and doing his MA at the moment. I really like the little details in his designs and the material he uses. His BA graduate collection is still on my favorite list! As womenswear designer, I would say my dear Georgia Hardinge! I always love her prints and sculptural designs. She knows how to balance the creativity and business side which really help her brand development! (And I don’t think I should say my favorite J.W. Anderson. He is famous now.)

Jason’s Pick (Nicomede Talavera)

Jason’s Pick (Georgia Hardinge)

Jason’s Pick (J.W. Anderson)


G: For you , what is a good window display?

J: I think the ones attract you looking at them for more than 10 seconds are good ones! Someone said they should be reporting the trend, fun, colourful… but if no one looks at it, it’s useless.


G: Do you have any new direction of your fashion blog? Any new crossover projects or new elements will be found?

J: I am doing a personal project at the moment for my graduation next year. The blog will keep updating windows and new designers stuffs. Maybe some interviews with the VM teams!? Who knows 😛


G:  How about your study in London College of Fashion? Any interesting experience?

J: I am doing a management course which is useful for my future (this is what they told me when I applied). But as always, the most useful subject is the most boring one. I keep writing business reports and essays during the study life. My excitement is all from my free time when blogging and interviewing people.


G: You mentioned in your blog that you will open a concept store in Hong Kong and Taiwan, selling some up and coming designer’s products in your shop? Would you please tell me more about that?

J: It’s like a dream! I don’t know! I keep meeting great people since I stepped in the industry and I got loads of friends working in the industry as well. I think we can have a group of people working together, doing things that we like and supporting some talents. I want it to be something like Fashion East but more like a store base.


G: What will you prefer to be after the graduation? (About the Career Path)?

J: Haha, It’s like a job interview! I still don’t know. I still have many things want to see and try. Maybe a buyer or a PR in a select store that I can keep scouting new designers for the rest of my life.


G: I know that you come from Hong Kong, would you please tell me what do you think about Hong Kong fashion industry? ( any improvement? Or in compare with London fashion, what is the elements that Hong Kong fashion industry missing?)

J: The major difference is the personality. For me, people from Hong Kong are looking for being stand out in a group but still looking similar, people from London don’t really care what other people dress and wear what they want. I always feel bored with those Hong Kong trends like darkness and Japanese street style. BE YOURSELF! And I love colours. I love wearing different colours even my HK teachers always say “black never goes wrong!”.

After the interview…

It really a good experience when you find someone has the same direction as yourself. I can see so much possibilities  of most of the up and coming designers I reported. In the city like Hong Kong, most of the people just know about some famous brand and dress the style that those brand projected. Working as a fashion designer in Hong Kong, the most important words for us is not “creative” , most of our boss prefer “marketable”, the even bad boss prefer “copy”!! It is totally different of what I have learned in Polytechnic University, and I wanna do something to practice what I have learned, that’s why you can see Fashion Criminals? Fashion Beings? I really hope that more fashion blog like JY can been seen in Hong Kong, this kind of fashion new power can create more possibilities in our fashion industry. 

Jason Yao’s fashion blog – JY (English Version):

Jason Yao’s fashion blog – JY (Chinese Version):

When Criminal Girl meets Jason Yao 

(I drew him with one of my favorite window display of Liberty in his fashion blog, hope he will like it : ) 


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