Perform Hebi – Bradaric Ohmae

Perform Hebi  – Bradaric  Ohmae 

Bradaric  Ohman is a design group created by Tanja Bradaric and Taro Ohmae. Both of them are the graduates of fashion design in the University for Applied Arts Vienna. They presented their 1st collection “Pictures Seen Collection” in Vienna in June 2011. 

Criminal Girl meets their AW 12 collection – “Four in one Season” in Not just a label website. This collection is inspired by the memories of designers in New Zealand. You can commonly see New Zealand’s landscape paintings, fiords and outdoor sports as the key elements of this collection. I also think that this collection is the mixture of industrial design, sports and water art and it brings up some unique New Zealand’s style. I like the accessories like clutch and necklace in this collection, simple and chic!

Interview with Bradaric Ohmae

G: Criminal Girl,  BO: Bradaric Ohmae

G: Would you please tell me more about your latest collection? 

 BO: Our latest collection A/W 2012/13 “FOUR IN ONE SEASON” is inspired with memories  of our recent trip to New Zealand. We were busy with idea of memory. What happens after one travels and see majestic places. What impressions  are left in human experience after returning to place of origin.

Collection is inspired with tradition of New Zealand landscape paintings, fjords and outdoor sports like kayaking. We like to call it abstract landscape collection. It’s reflecting our blurred and sometimes very detailed memories of the places we saw there. We like to take as inspiration things from our surrounding and make them hidden in our collection, not visible at the first sight, they are hiding in every piece and garment in very subtle way.


G: Will you use your design signature to describe your new collection? 

 BO: sophisticated, sporty, funky, unconventional.

All our collection seeks to translate the turbulence of the present day into a raw creative energy, which expresses the potential for a bright future. From the starting point of stereotypical representations, we experiment with technique, material, texture and pattern to create an innovative hybrid style. Playing with the idea that something wholly unique can mutate from cliché, our designs embody and explode our own ethnic, cultural origins and the world around us. What emerges is a vibrant impulse of color, playful detail and originally crafted pieces.

 G: Who is your target customers? Or muse of your brand? 

 BO: Our target custumer spectrum is very wide. This is one point of our collections we feel very proud of. Our clothes talk to many different costumers.

Th-rue the talks with shop owners we found out that our product are buying grownup woman as well as downtown cool kids. Everyone finds something they like, it could be dress, knit , necklace or bag and they all wear it in very different way. This is point we really feel happy about.

We don’t have one women for muse, people around us who have very unique and creative personalities inspire us.

 G: Why did you interested in fashion? 

 BO: We find it very easy to communicate thrue fashion and clothes with our surrounding and it’s perfect media to express our personal visions. We love to create things which are so close to human body.

 G:  What do you think about the new designers in Australia? 

 BO: More and more great fashion designers are coming from Australia. It seems like a new nest for fashion talents.

 G: What is your favorite designer and why? 

BO: Rick Owens, Raf Simons and Hedi Sliman for capability of creating very strong and unique universe around their collections as well for having contemporary visions.

After the interview…

Bradaric Ohmae really presented the culture of New Zealand, I can feel a new kind of fashion culture within Australia and New Zealand designers. Bradaric Ohmae gives a happy and natural feeling in their collection and this unique feeling I really can’t see in other countries. 

More about Bradaric Ohmae:

Not Just a Label account:

When Criminal Girl meets Bradaric Ohmae 


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