Accessorize Art – Diana Coelho Accessories

Just meet a HK based artist and accessories designer – Diana Coelho Accessories. She is the art master student of London Metropolitan University. 

Interview with Diana Coelho

G: Criminal Girl, D: Diana Coelho

G: You are working on your label Diana Coelho Acessórios | Accessories, would you please tell me more about your aims/ theory of this brand?

D: Diana Coelho Acessórios | Accessories is a brand started in 2010. I like to think of my work as wearable art. Each year, Diana Coelho Acessórios | Accessories has a new collection of Jewellery or Fashion Accessories, which are wearable for any age or outfit. My aim is creating unique, quality products that people enjoy and that then gets others to follow. When one customer is satisfied, they are likely to refer five or more – Which is a huge factor in growing a business.

G: Any design signatures or terms to can describe your collections?

D: Colour colour colour colour… and high impact materials. I take influences from anything and everything … really anything that touches me. My signature is colour and mixed materials and I think it’s a perfect combination. My accessories are made for a dynamic woman, fond of fashion like today’s women, who wants to make her outfit unique. Indeed, my collection aims at uniqueness.

G: What is your muse for designing?

D: I truly believe in the statement that “history defines us”. Jewellery designs are bound only by our imagination. To take a flat lifeless sheet of material and elevate it into a warm highly polished three dimension elegant shape of my design is artistic expression at its best.

G: What new for you this season? Any colors or designs element recommended?

D: Collars have been trending for the last few seasons and they’re set to be huge in autumn/winter 2012. I recommend the tapestry canvas and dark blooms design elements. Orange, magenta and burgundy are the colours I suggest for this season.

G: How about your study in Master of Arts at London Metropolitan University? Any special culture? The enviornment? And why you choose this school?

D: Master of Arts at London Met was such a great period of my life. First, London is an amazing city full of life, arts and culture. Secondly, the MA professors were well-known artists with allot of experience in the arts field and the students, just like me, where from different cultural backgrounds all over the world.

I choose London Met because of the modern workshops and the international student’s environment.

G: Why did you interested in jewelry?

D: If I really look back, I started making little bits of jewellery when I was twelve years old. I grew up in Lisbon, Portugal and I studied art at high school, and I thought I wanted to do something I love as a career. I’ve got a thing for architecture and studied urban architecture but felt very frustrated. During that time my interests have evolved into accessories, and I decided to move to London to study Jewellery. I’m not afraid to do what I want to do anymore. I’m no longer afraid of what my mind wants to create.

G: You move to Hong Kong right now, what do you think the difference of design culture between Hong Kong and London?

D: Hong Kong is an amazing place to be right now. It’s a really expensive city but I love the opportunity to be in touch with the Chinese culture and every day I learn something new. From fashion-forward designers to glamorous stylists, these fresh faces are putting Hong Kong on the style map. You can find all the big brands in Hong Kong same as London, but what really fascinates me is to observe the street styles! In that point, I believe London and Hong Kong have each their own identity.

G: Will you have any other projects in the future for your brand?

D: I have been enjoying working with textiles and would like to develop my textile work skills further. You can expect to see more fabrics and prints combinations from me in the future. I’m working on putting more accessories into production and at the same time coming up with some new designs.


In the future I will be branching out into fashion and clothes. In September 2012 will be release a collection with the fashion Portuguese brand Bainha de Copas ( I want you all to be curious until September to see the amazing accessories we have created!

G: Where do you seek your inspiration?

D: aterials, shapes and colours inspire me. I would say I am more inspired by elements rather than artwork or artists.Sometimes also, I will just go to the library and sit and look at pictures. I actually find I’m most inspired when I’m travelling – I can’t get enough ideas on the paper. That’s one reason why I like travelling, I get productive. Music is also very important to me. I can rarely go a minute without listening to some.

G: What is your favorite designer and why?

D: Chanel. No explanation needed.

After the interview…

It is an good opportunity to meet a foreign comer in Hong Kong. I really wanna know what their feelings of Hong Kong, whether it is a creative directing  place or market directing place. For me, Hong Kong is a market directing place, we do boring designs and it just fit the market. I see “hope” in Diana eyes, the interesting street style and east meet west culture really inspired her, may be this is the creative direction of Hong Kong Designers. 


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