SS13 fashion week pick- Markus Lupfer

SS13 fashion week pick- Markus Lupfer

“Fall in Love” is the topic of Markus Lupfer’s SS13 collection. This theme is inspired by The Jetsons. The Jetsons is a design couple which designing peppy and pop-culture-obsessed clothing. Markus Lupfer remade Mrs Jetson’s flared and layered skirt, mixed it with Markus Lupter’s cartoon graphic, goofy and optimistic style. The video of this collection presents a outer space environment and models added like “flying” in the outer space. I think the most interesting pieces are the all over print dress and shirt in this collection, it shows that Markus Lupfer can do subtle  print and it will be another signature of Markus Lupfer’s design.



Markus Lupfer’s offical website:

SS13 collection:


When Criminal Girl meets Markus Lupfer’s SS13 collection:


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