Thank you TDC Fashionally!!

Thank you TDC Fashionally!!

I can just say thank you…

Thank you Fashionally choose to report my fashion blog! 

There are so many fashion bloggers pay a lot of time and energy to chase their dream of fashion,I am just one of them, and I am just a small potato in this industry. Yes… Fashion is my dream, and I am willing to spend all of my time to do “something” for it. Hope my “Something”- Fashion Criminals? Fashion Beings? can let others know more the stories behind designers. Hope there will be more interesting brand or up and coming designers being famous. Hope all the dreamers can get what they want! 

Really like the sentence “True fashion is about concept and interpretation of an era.”  in Fashionally’s article. I like fashion because designers can have different definition on it, not only following the renowned brands, but also keeping an eye on the potential one. This is the aims of Fashion Criminals? Fashion Beings? I believe that even fashion criminals also has their point of view or their audacity in fashion. So… be brave … be fashionable! 


Article of Fashion Criminals? Fashion Beings? :


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