Keep Asking, Keep Exploring- Da-sein

Keep Asking, Keep Exploring- Da-sein

Da-sein is a HK based brand selling conceptual socks! It established by a design team of brother and sister, Jessie and Carson. They launched their 1st collection in 1st March 2012 , selling products on website and facebook. Jessie graduated in her master degree in The Chinese University of  Hong Kong and Carson graduated in his bachelor degree in The Otis College of Art and Design Los Angle. They came out the idea of “Do Something” in their graduation trip in Miami. 

Da-sein is a German philosophical term, means human existence. The team believe everyone has to actively construct the meaning of life during the course of living and struggling  They want their customers to ponder and questions regarding their existence. They want customers to questions every assumption they have , every opinions they hold and to question of beings. They choose to design socks because sock is an ordinary everyday commodity, it is a reminder of Da-sein. 

Da-sein run 3 collection already, the 1st one called “Become a Self” , it is a reminder of encouraging people become a true and genuine individual of authentic existence. The second one called ” Magritte’s Gallery” , they takes inspiration from Rene Magritte, showing the concept of reality, time and spaces. It encouraged customer to explore more and be creative. The latest collection called ” Self Overcoming” , the photos taken by Tim Wong, and they want their customers to explore the elements that abstract them from an attaining  the freedom of becoming a genuine individual. It all about the world “outsiders of the walls” , Da-sein wants us “Live Dangerously, Live Experimentally”

Margritte’s Gallery



Magritte Banner





Latest Collection- Self Overcoming






Interview with Da-sein

G: Criminal Girl,  D: Da-sein

G: Would you please tell me more about your latest collection?

D: Our Debut Collection is called “Becoming a Self”

Through this collection we are trying to encourage people to become a true and genuine individual of authentic existence.

 Most of us just blunder through life doing whatever we are told to do and conform to whatever everybody else around us does. We become too tamed and too depend upon the sense of security that routines and our assigned roles in the social hierarchy provide us. We submit ourselves to norms and conventions automatically and uncritically. Most of us are content to simply live a life dictated by society, media, advertising, culture, family etc. Life as such is easier and a lot more comfortable as it excuses us from risks and responsibilities and hard work. In other word, we give up freedom for the sake of security and comfort. We are imprisoned by the public world and by the way we think about the world. In our social mode of being, our lives become undifferentiated we are just one among others. We hope to inspire people to choose, think and act differently.

G:   Will you use any design signature or terms to describe your new collection?

D: For this collection we play with very simple elements, patterns and lines to make an ordinary pair of socks a little less ordinary. Socks don’t have to be stripes and polka dots. Nor it needs to be over-the-top with crazy clash of colors or patterns. What we are trying to illustrate is that things could look different and refreshing even we make only a very simple change. Big difference could be made with small steps taken, one at a time.

This collection is the very very first step. There’ll be growing complexity collection to collection. 

G: What is your muse for this collection?

D: For this first collection we interpret Magritte paintings and transfer the essence of the idea to the socks design.  Rene Magritte is a great and inspiring artist  whom challenges us to reconsider our preconception about reality, time and space. He takes ordinary objects from everyday life such as flower, apple, pipe and eggs etc and re-interprets and presents them in unusual ways that totally astound and awaken our senses.

G: What new for you this season? Any colors or design elements recommended?

D: Plum or burgundy is really in and so as animal prints.

G: How about your study in the Chinese University of Hong Kong/ Otis College of Art and Design? Any special culture? The environment? and why your choose this school?

D: Jessie: I read Philosophy in CUHK and actually you can say that’s where our brand’s core idea came from. The most profound impact of the study had on me is that it made me question everything I’d taken for granted in the past. The ultimate and most intimate thing you can question about is one’s own existence. What’s the purpose of life? What’s worth living? What are we doing here?

Carson:Studying in Otis College of Art & Design gave me a chance to interact with students from different parts of the world, let me be able to communicate with people from various culture and mindset. Spending four years with so many talented art students certainly opened up my mind, gave me courage to act to boldly and think without boundaries. “No idea is a bad idea” and “Everything is possible” are beliefs that imprinted on every student’s mind. It empowers me creatively to be immersed in such environment where everything could be made happen by our will power.

G: Why did you interested in fashion?

D: Actually we aren’t interested in mainstream Fashion and the reason we chose to do Socks has a lot to do with our philosophy and belief.  We picked socks because of the symbolic meanings it carries. Socks is an ordinary everyday commodity. Ordinary but essential. Can you imagine life without socks? We can’t. Yet the importance of its role goes mostly unrecognized and neglected. Just as it is with the question of Being, the purpose of life and other big questions that concern the way we live.  We are not here to re-invent socks but we do challenge you to re-examine your preconceived opinions about socks.  There are more than meet the eye. We totally believe a seemingly ordinary pair of socks could become the center of attention if we view them with different spectacles and put them under different lights. By designing them differently, branding them differently and marketing them differently, we are trying to show that things could be different if we choose. And the implication is that if socks could be different, so could everyone one us if we choose to choose, choose to think and choose to act differently. 

G: What do you think about the new designers in Hong Kong?

D: There are lots of talents in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is not necessary a friendly place for local designers but I see many passionate designers try their very best to swim  upstream to pursue their dream. And that’s honorable and we are proud of everyone of them

G:   What is the target customers of Da-sein?

D: We set out to be an international brand. The whole world is our target. Too big a dream isn’t it?

G: The idea of Da-sein is come from a trip to Miami, what kind of elements in Miami inspired you to do Da-sein?

D: The idea came up when we were doing nothing but lying on the Miami beach. Perhaps the freedom in the air.

G: What is the next project for you?

D: We aren’t the type that plan really far ahead.

G: Where do you seek your inspiration?

D: From life and nature. We find inspiration from everywhere. The key is to be curious about everything like a child .

G: What is your favorite designer and why?

D: Jessie: Nicolas Ghesquière from Balenciaga. But he’s leaving Balenciaga. He’s a master in juxtaposing the opposites. His designs are always minimal and sumptuous; simple and complex; colorful and monochromatic all at the same time.

 Carson: Andy Worhol. He’s a genius in turning simple things and everyday commodity into Art. Whatever he touched it became a master piece. That’s magic.

After the interview….

Jessie and Carson show another dreams of Hong Kong designers. We want to be different and we want to show our talent to the world. They also like to tell a story to Hong Kong / Worldwide customers , their philosophy of existence really inspired people, and I hope Da-sein can be a reminder for all Hong Kong citizen. When we still alive, less dream, less think out of boxes!

Facebook page of Da-sein

Website of Da-sein:

When Criminal Girl meets Da-sein

criminal girl with de-sein


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