Look at me… when I am any age!- Heaven Please+

Look at me… when I am any age!- Heaven Please+

Heaven Please + is established by Hong Kong selected shop Heaven Please for their 2th Anniversary. The collection named as “Look at me, When I wan seventeen”. This name came from Keren Ann’s Song “Seventeen”, the collection is all about romance and be young. Pink and Light Purple are the main color of this collection mixed with floral print to present the touch of young and romance. Designers also added a touch of rock chic, with the mixing of black n white stripes, silver leather and studs. You can see the whole collection showing different layering and design details to present the luxurious and romantic of young ages. After the review of Heaven Please+ collection, I can sure everyone will look at the girl wearing Heaven Please + young and romantic clothing in the street !

HP+ 2012FWHP+ 001 HP+ 002 HP+ 003 HP+ 004 HP+ 005 HP+ 006 HP+ 007 HP+ 008 HP+ 009 HP+ 010 HP+ 011

More details of Heaven Please 

Heaven Please facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HeavenPlease

Heaven Please address: 2B,Po Foo Building,No.1 Foo Ming Street, 

When Criminal Girl meets Heaven Please+

Criminal Girl with Heaven Please


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