The other me!- Frances O’Leary

The other me!- Frances O’Leary

The upsides print of “Folding Faces” catch my eyes to look deeply of Frances O’Leary’s design, and you will find a philosophical story behind this collection. Frances O’Leary is a London based designer, and graduated in 2009 at University of East London. She mainly worked as a womenswear and  print designer, finally launched her own luxury UK produced label in 2012. 

The first SS13 collection named as “Folding Faces” .It inspired by subconscious mind, where irregularity, misconception and displacement challenge. I guess that why Frances O’Leary named this collection as “Folding Faces” since she wants to present the other “her” in subconscious mind. It just like the “me” behind mirror, so mystical and attractive! The main material of “Folding Faces” are silk, crepe de chine, chiffon and fine knitted jersey. The “UK made” slogan also state that Frances O’Leary used luxury material with delicate technique to make clothing. 













(Rory Payne for the photogrphy)

Interview with Frances O’Leary

G: Criminal Girl , F: Frances O’Leary

G: Would you please tell me more about your latest collection? 

F: My latest collection is an exploration of abstract print inspired by the subconscious mind.

G: What is your muse for this collection?
F: I haven’t considered a particular person as my muse this collection; but if I was to describe the kind of girl I wanted to portray, I’d say she is awkwardly beautiful and a bit of a loner.

G: How about your study in University of East London? Any special culture? The environment? and why your choose this school?

F: I enjoyed my time at university, we were encouraged to be creative and think laterally. The school was particularly good at teaching pattern cutting, which has proven to be a really valuable skill. Many fashion graduates leave without this skill, and I think it is almost impossible to be a good designer without it.

 I chose the University of East London as at the time, it was one of the only collages that offered a joint degree that included fashion marketing. I wanted to study marketing as it has always been my aim to ultimately be an independent designer and own my own business.

G: Why did you interested in fashion?

F: I have always been interested in design and experimentation. For me, fashion is the best way to bring together everything I enjoy as a designer, colour, silhouette, texture and print.

G: what do you think about the new designers in London?

F: I think there are some great emerging designers in London at the moment. The competition is immense.

G: Is it a kind of challenge to start an own brand?

F: Yes it really is, there are so many things to consider. For me, it is still really early days, but it is the only way to truly be creative and stay true to your own design integrity.

G: Who is your target customers? Or your muse of your own brand?

F: I’m still learning a lot about the girl who buys into my work, I have had a great response from the Far East, Russia and America. So these may be the areas I will focus on in coming seasons. My collection is made in the UK and the fabrics are mainly silk, so my customer is someone who enjoys fashion and is open to spending a little more than high street prices for it. 

G: What is the next project for you?

F: I’m currently working on my Autumn Winter 2013 collection. And I am hoping to open my online shop very soon.

G: Where do you seek your inspiration?

F: From everywhere really, colour, landscapes, positive and negative space, music, film, photography. Even things people say or a certain feeling.

G: What is your favorite designer and why?

F: This changes all the time. But at the moment it’s Mary Katrantzou. I think her combination of storytelling print and clever silhouettes makes her work truly individual. I also really love Meadham Kirchoff, I admire their no rules attitude to design.

After the interview…

I am totally agree with what Frances O’Leary insisted on (Luxury fashion and own country produced system). As we are facing a fast fashion industry right now, it is really hard to meet some special and delicate designs. It is really a big problem of the development of creativity. The insistent of using luxury materials and delicate design can show the uniqueness of designer and can build up Frances O’Leary’s own signature. I am really looking forward to her AW collection, hope can see more beautiful prints and delicate pattern cutting in the collection ! 

Information of Frances O’Leary :



Not Just a Label:

When Criminal Girl meets Frances O’Leary SS13 collection “Folding Faces” 

criminal girl meets Frances Oleary


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