Revolution within 60 years – Fred Perry 60 years gallery

Revolution within 60 years – Fred Perry 60 years gallery 

For the 60 years anniversary celebration, Fred Perry has join combination with different designers, musicians and sports people to reproduce the signature shirt of Fred Perry. All this personalize shirt aims to bring out a birthday message and unique designer for raising fund for charity use. The unique designs will hold an exhibition in London Dover Street Market on 26th January, and will also travel to I.T. Store in Beijing showing with unique installion design in April. 

For Criminal Girl, it is such a nice rebranding project of Fred Perry, a Fred Perry shirt can have so many possibilities to redesign or reproduce, I think it is a funny project for the invited designers, musicians and sports people!

Sister by Sibling

– by Sister by Sibling

douglas coupland

– by  Douglas Coupland

hiroko takahashi


-by Hiroko Takahashi

ed tsuwaki 

– by Ed Tsuwaki 


-by i-D Magazine



Michael Lau

– by Designer- Michael Lau 



– by Mother 

fettes brot 

– by Fettes Brot 

Marc Brandenburg

– by Marc Brandenburg


– by Goose

Le Mont St. Michel    

– by Le Mont St. Michel 

Anton Wirjono

– by Anton Wirjono

Raf Simons   

– by Raf Simons

asylum creative company

– by Aslyum 




– by Beams 

Christopher Raeburn



– by Christopher Raeburn 

dazed and confused


– by Dazed and Confused Magazine 


* all photos come from Frey Perry Official Website :


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