The Hong Kong Young Fashion Designer Contest Finalist- Tam Pui Hang, Shirley

The Hong Kong Young Fashion Designer Contest Finalist- Tam Pui Hang, Shirley

There are just a few menswear collection in Hong Kong Young Fashion Designer Contest, “Pling Blong” is one of them. This collection presents  a traditional culture of Hong Kong – Mah Jong. Designer, Shirley presents the collection with chic styling and tribal patterns, which makes “Pling Blong” more trendy and wearable. Shirley also think about the use of material, she choose natural material like linen, paper yarn, silk and hemp that presents Mah Jong as a causal and human-like hobby game. Criminal Girl likes this collection very much, because it presents a traditional hobby game to be a trendy and wearable way. I really think that this collection can fit into the market, since it has nice mix & match and color tone.

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Interview with Tam Pui Hang, Shirley

G: Criminal Girl, T: Tam Pui Hang, Shirley


G: Would you please tell me more about your collection in YDC?

T: “Pling Blong!” is a Spring Summer menswear collection inspire from Mahjong. It is Hong Kong subculture and a part of Hong Konger since they were child. It can be said that everyone knows about Mahjong is started from the noisy sound. “Pling Blong!” is imitated the noisy sound during tiles crashing to each other’s. It is the start point to bring you into the game. The progression of the four outfits is likened to a game from beginning to end.

This collection aims to present a retro Hong Kong mood, echo with 80-90’s styles and the signature humid hot climate. Patterns and colorful yet dull shade color palette brings a messy and bustling environment. Natural and eco-friendly materials are used, such as Japan paper yarn made from hemp and biodegradable TPU sheets.




G: What is your muse for this collection?

T: This collection started from my interest in Mahjong.


G: Why did you interested in fashion?

T: Fashion is the mask we wear; I love to make my own mask.


G: What do you think about the new designers in Hong Kong?

T: Diversified, imaginative & marketable.


G: Is it a kind of challenge working as a freelance designer in Hong Kong?

T: Capital!


G: Will you start your own brand in the future?

T: Yes. It calls “DÜ”, come from”肥嘟嘟” which is an adjective of a cute fat being. It will start with womenswear first as it is one-man band now. Style is relax, fun and classy.


G: If yes, Who is your target customers? Or your muse of your own brand?

T: My target customers are those big lady around size UK 14~18 with large breast. It is difficult to buy a good fit garment in market with good quality and design details. I am one of them so I understand this group of people’s needs.

Moreover, fast fashion is leading the world’s fashion cycle while I prefer “slow fashion”. Slow fashion is not time-based but quality-based. It allows designers to plan the collection completely without pushing the manufacturers to meet tight deadline. It is long lasting and eco-friendly.


G: What is the next project for you?

T: I am working on complete the whole set of “Pling Blong!” under my own brand for retail purpose. Cross over in different technical and materials with funny and chic image will be the main direction.


G: Where do you seek your inspiration?

T: Arts, daily life and music.


G: What is your favorite designer and why?

T: Sass & bide from Australia.

Love the color palette and image. The way they present strong contemporary pretty women with their home cultures is stunning and wearable. Patterns and trims they used are interesting too.


After the interview…

I think Shirley is really a positive designer in Hong Kong, she knows how to make marketable clothing, and learn to fit in the collection. I really like her brand in the future, it is really good concept to sold large size clothing, to cover different size of customers. Criminal Girl also like the concept of “Slow Fashion”, I am really happy that there are still some designers focus on quality not time, the eco-friendly concept also show that she is a social responsible designer. 


When Criminal Girl meets Tam Pui Hang Shirley “Pling Blong!”



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