Criminal girl as boy? – Fall2013 menswear pick

Criminal girl as boy? – Fall 2013 menswear pick

Yes, Criminal girl wanna do more on menswear, but she is super busy and can just do the sum up of Fall 2013 menswear. I am sorry about that, but I will keep going , exploring more “Criminal” things to all of you. 

Here are my favor of fall 2013 menswear:

Acne Studio- Acne Studio presents a story-like collection in Fall 2013. The image of fall 2013 is a North Europe story book, with book collector, handsome danny and  Mountain boy. Criminal girl like the wide use of fabric in Acne Studio’s collection, very harmony colors with nice neutral and blue tone print. I also give appreciate on the accessories in this collection, colorful but not too sharp, giving us the harmony and peaceful feeling. 

criminal girl as boy-Acnes Studios 1

acnestudios_007_1366.450x675 acnestudios_009_1366.450x675 acnestudios_001_1366.450x675 acnestudios_015_1366.450x675

Comme Des Garcons- Rei Kawakubo gives us another story – “The Tree of Youth” . The story is about Grow up. The colors of collection presents different season of one year, and this is the first year of growing of tree. The growing is all about unexpected and discovery. Criminal girl also likes the hat design, it all comes from cartoon character like Mickey Mouse and Bunny Rabbit. It brings me the childhood memory and the passion of discovering new things!

criminal girl as boy- comme des garcons1

_CDG0393.450x675 _CDG0564.450x675 _CDG0025.450x675 _CDG0506.450x675

James Long – James Long gives us a very Hollywood-like collection in Fall 2013. He used John Waters as his muse, and presented a very bewitching menswear. I really like the mustard yellow tone matching with colorful knits and prints. The collection gives me a very old Hollywood movie like luxury matching with a renew of temporary graphic prints. 

criminal girl as boy-james long2

_ARC7685.450x675 _ARC7660.450x675 _ARC7604.450x675 _ARC7728.450x675

Kenzo – Humberto Leon and Carol Lim created this collection up in the air. Leon comes up this idea when they are traveling between New York and Paris, they see the cloud outside of windows and they wanna capture this moment in their collection. Designers grouped sky prints with 70s style (that Kenzo always do) together, created a collection of travelers. In my point of view, those travelers is a kind of dreamer, and they surely will be the most chic and stylish travelers!

criminal girl as boy-kenzo2

_D7Q0214.450x675 _D7Q0366.450x675 _D7Q0099.450x675 _D7Q0170.450x675

Sibling – This is the 3rd time I am writing about Sibling / Sister by Sibling’s collection, I can say that Sibling is my favorite up and coming brand! Sibling used Jayne County as their muse in this collection ” Short, fast, and strong,” and just “like a punk record” as it is Jayne Country’s soundtrack. “Punk” really is a main element of Sibling’s design, and criminal girl really wanna see more prints or details  in their future collection, as I can see there are some details in their clothing, and I think they can handle this area very well too. 

criminal girl as boy-sibling 2

VUI_5061.450x675 VUI_5095.450x675 VUI_5164.450x675 VUI_4986.450x675

* all illustration used Fashionary memo!


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