My Daily Diary – Anticamera Marni

My Daily Diary- Anticamera Marni

Anticamera Marni is a side project of Marni Lab, it is a drawing diary for all staff in Marni. The story is about a girl brings a doll from New York to Milan in 2008, the doll becomes a main character showing the life in Milan. Anticamera Marni is the visual diary of the little doll, it can be illustration or photography. Marni group shows many possibilities and creativities in this side project. The little doll is a representative of exploring new things and visitor, it has so many milan culture within the drawings. Criminal Girl really like the little doll and hope she can be a series of print tee in Marni’s future collection. 


Silvia Gherra

螢幕快照 2013-03-03 下午11.59.12

螢幕快照 2013-03-03 下午11.59.41

螢幕快照 2013-03-03 下午11.59.34

螢幕快照 2013-03-03 下午11.59.25

螢幕快照 2013-03-03 下午11.59.19

螢幕快照 2013-03-03 下午11.59.49

Anticamera Marni No.3

螢幕快照 2013-03-03 下午11.55.13

螢幕快照 2013-03-03 下午11.55.55

螢幕快照 2013-03-03 下午11.56.11

螢幕快照 2013-03-03 下午11.56.21

螢幕快照 2013-03-03 下午11.56.34


Alessandro C.Busseni

螢幕快照 2013-03-03 下午11.53.58

螢幕快照 2013-03-03 下午11.54.10

螢幕快照 2013-03-03 下午11.54.28

螢幕快照 2013-03-03 下午11.54.37

螢幕快照 2013-03-03 下午11.54.47

螢幕快照 2013-03-03 下午11.54.56


Marni Lab

螢幕快照 2013-03-04 上午12.02.44

螢幕快照 2013-03-04 上午12.02.50

螢幕快照 2013-03-04 上午12.02.57

螢幕快照 2013-03-04 上午12.03.06

螢幕快照 2013-03-04 上午12.03.20

螢幕快照 2013-03-04 上午12.03.29

螢幕快照 2013-03-04 上午12.03.35

螢幕快照 2013-03-04 上午12.03.50


Cristina del Buono

螢幕快照 2013-03-04 上午12.01.01

螢幕快照 2013-03-04 上午12.01.08

螢幕快照 2013-03-04 上午12.01.14

螢幕快照 2013-03-04 上午12.01.20

螢幕快照 2013-03-04 上午12.01.26

螢幕快照 2013-03-04 上午12.02.11


螢幕快照 2013-03-04 上午12.02.16


More information of Anticarmera Marni:


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