Be Friendly? – H&M Design Award Winner – Minju Kim

Be Friendly? – H&M Design Award Winner – Minju Kim

A Korea Bored, Belgium based designer Minju Kim won H&M Designer Award 2013 by her collection “Dear My Friend”. This collection is an expression about her experience of her friends. In her study of Royal Academy of Art in Belguim, she meets different people and people disguised as her friend. This experience makes her facing different emotion of sadness and happiness. Minju Kim aims to learn to be mature after she finished her high school, but she can’t feel the same way as the people she meet. “Dear My Friend” is her expression of despair. After seeing Minju Kim introduction about her collection, Criminal Girl thinks that it will be a dark tone and delicate collection. However, I saw a funky and playful collection. Then I found more about the illustration and development of this collection. Finally, I understand that Minju Kim using comic illustration and costume and the look of cosplayer to satire the childish of her “friend”. This is an interesting collection, the silhouette is so funky and playful, and the nice matching of fabrication. It makes Minju Kim created her own style, and come out from other finalists in H&M Design Award. 


“Dear My Friend” Showing in Royal Academy of Art Belgium fashion show



minju_kim_aca12_019 ]











Illustration of Minju Kim

螢幕快照 2013-04-02 下午10.40.48

螢幕快照 2013-04-02 下午10.41.04

螢幕快照 2013-04-02 下午10.40.55


“Dear My Friend” Showing in H&M Design Award

Minju_Kim_16_thumb Minju_Kim_03_thumb

Minju_Kim_01_thumb Minju_Kim_02_thumb





When Criminal Girl meets Minju Kim “Dear My Friend”

Criminal Girl meet Minju Kim



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