In my ramp of view – Hang

In my ramp of view – Hang 

When we see a paint , we walk around and see different views of the paint. So do we see fashion. Hang is a Hong Kong based fashion brand encourage people to see fashion in different views. Hang is a Germany terms, means ramp in English. Founder of Hang Mim Mak hopes customers can see pithy as Hang’s fashion style. She focus on details in clothing to give surprise to her customers. Hang also focus on material and fabrication to strengthen the connection of cloth and people. 

The latest collection of Hang present the concept of Amputation Cutting. It is a cutting method that amputates silhouettes of human bodies one by one, twisting inherent human bodies and exploring another way of fashion beauty. This special cutting method attract Criminal Girl very much in the show of Hong Kong Fashion Week. 

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螢幕快照 2013-04-12 下午11.39.17

螢幕快照 2013-04-12 下午11.38.56

螢幕快照 2013-04-12 下午11.38.45

螢幕快照 2013-04-12 下午11.38.31

螢幕快照 2013-04-12 下午11.38.22

Interview with Mim Mak 

G: Criminal Girl, M: Mim Mak 

G: Let’s  talk about your new collection showing in Hong Kong Fashion Week? 

M: The new collection presents Amputation Cutting, it is inspired by Prosthetic of Human being. Prosthetic in my mind is a kind of beauty and different kind of view of human body. I try to focus on the shape of human body and prosthetic, and found it had so much possibility to show new shape of woman. Finally, I discover amputation cutting to show a big contrast between my clothing with human body. This is my own way of fashion beauty. 




G: What is the muse of your collection?

M: May be the shape of human body and my point of view in beauty. 

G: What special in your collection? any colors or accessories ?

M: I choose neon green in my collection because it makes a big contrast with black , it can be a highlight let people focus more on the cutting of my clothing. Neon Green also match well with my theme of contrasting beauty. 

G: After winning the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designer Contest, you got an internship in Atsuro Tayama. How about the design environment of Japan? Any difference found in compare of Hong Kong?

M: This is because it is just a one month internship, i can just observe the external difference in Japan. I think the working environment of Japan is quite different from Hong Kong. People support creative and encourage designer to develop more of their idea. Working in Atsuro Tayama, I have a chance to develop a mini collection , and the design team chosen two of my outfits selling in their summer collection. This is quite an encouragement in my design career. In compare with Hong Kong, we follow trends and even copy from famous brand and designer, Japan environment helps me to express my point of view in fashion. 

G: Why do you like fashion?

M: I like fashion because it is different from art. Fashion is more close to reality and I can get inspiration from different areas. I like fashion has a property of diversification, I can try different idea in my products. 

G: Where do you get inspiration?

M: I get inspiration from something out of fashion, like different art, music and even outdoor sports. I found out that the materials of wetsuit is very applicable with plasticity, and I used it as the main material in my latest collection. 

G: What do you think about the new designer in Hong Kong?

M: I think the environment of Hong Kong is quite good. Hong Kong designers are building their own styles , even foreigner also support their designs, more brand names appeared. It will give more choice to our costumer.

G: What is your next project?

M: I focus on my next collection right now. 

G: Who is your favorite designer?

M: My favorite designer is Issey Miyake. I like him because he is an adventurer. I am very appreciate his attitude in fashion. He try different materials and technique in fashion, you can always find something new in his collection. 


After the interview…

I appreciate Mim Mak that she always think out of box. This is very important for a fashion designer that keeps her curiosity to explore more possibilities. I really hope that Amputation Cutting can be well developed and become a kind of signature of Mim Mak. Showing to foreigner that Hong Kong designers can also make their own statement and creating new concept of fashion beauty. 

More information of Hang

Official website:

Hang’s facebook page:


When Criminal Girl meets Hang 

Criminal Girl meets Mim Mak




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