Hippy Animal Singers – Day Dream Nation SS13 collection

Hippy Animal Singers – Day Dream Nation SS13 collection 

“The Runway Singer” is the main theme of Hong Kong based brand Day Dream Nation in their latest SS13 collection. May be you will imagine a story of  somebody like John Lennon or David Bowie, like this kind of huge super star escape for their holidays. However, Day Dream Nation presents  a DayDreaming fairytale, four animals :  the donkey, dog, cat and rooster grouping a brand, going out different countries , different cities , having live shows to their audience.  The whole collection using these four animals as main inspiration of silhouette matching with fairytale like color tone. Criminal Girl also think that it will be a good idea that these four animals are the new hippies in the 21 century, spreading love and peaces message through the Day Dream Nation clothing all over the world. 


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Interview with Kay Wong (Founder of Day Dream Nation)

G: Criminal Girl  K: Kay Wong 

G: Would you please tell me more the latest collection of Daydream Nation? 

K: SS13, the Runaway Singers is a collection about these four animals, the donkey, dog, cat and rooster, going in search of their dream, of forming a band and making music. This is a really daydream fairytale. It was so much fun to play with the silhouettes of these four animals in our collection.

DNSS13press release-17 DNSS13press release-18 DNSS13press release-19

G: What is your muse for this collection?

K: Every season, it is a collaborative effort of our whole team. And to me, Jing, my brother is always my muse, the crazy story-teller behind every season of ours. Tore, our one and only artist/illustrator/graphic designer, creates every single of our prints every season, he sets the mood for our collections every time. And Carlos, one of our main designers too, I would call much more than a fashion designer, fashion-architect I would call him. Together, we create. All these beautiful boys are my muses, every season.


G: What new for you this season? What kind of make up/ accessories for your collection?Any colors or designs element recommended?

K: My boyfriend started playing with our material, he started strining pearls and beads with sequins, and created this completely new landscape to our accessories.


G: How about your study in MA degree in Royal College of Art? Any special culture? How about the environment? and why your choose this school?

K: Royal College of Art had a great impact on me and my design style on the whole. It was a great place where like-minded designers came together, classes sizes were small, we pretty much knew everyone in school, there was a lot of collaboration between different fields, lots of sharing and support. I loved it all! It was a much friendlier and sweeter environement than CSM (Central Saint Martins)… It was serendipity, I didn’t apply, they invited me.


G: Why did you interested in fashion?

K: I was never interested in fashion. I was always interested in clothing and style that didn’t fade with time though. Re-inventing fashion is much more interesting than fashion itself.


G: What do you think about the new designers in Hong Kong?

K: Its definitely under-rated. There are so many fresh talents who should be recognized! I love Zo-ee. Henave Please Plus, Anyway Bags, Mischa bags, the Polska Traveller, Lost and Find, Oblivion… and so many more…


G: What is the next project for you?

K: To inspire and be inspired really…


G: Where do you seek your inspiration?

K: Fairy tales, movies, books, music, traveling….. but most importantly, people and love.


G:  What is your favorite designer and why?

K: Hussein CHalayan, he will always remain my GOD in fashion. The way he defies fashion, the way fashion doesn’t bother him, the way he creates art from fashion is absolutely stunning, every single time.


After the interview…

It is so happy to see there are still a group of talented designers in Hong Kong paying so much effort to bring out new and inspirational designs. I really believe that the HKlist will be an up and coming group to be success in international stage. Criminal Girl as a Hong Kong fashion blogger, promise to discover more talented up and coming local designers and to search more inspirational design elements to them for creation. 


More information of Day Dream Nation

Official Website:


Facebook Page:



When Criminal Girl meets Day Dream Nation “Runaway Singer” SS13 collection

Criminal girl meets Day Dream Nation SS13


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