Fashion on paper – Christian Lacroix Papier

Fashion on paper – Christian Lacroix Papier 

Christian Lacroix always is a signature of Haute Couture, they also have an image of Gypsy and Provencal. Can you imagine when Christian Lacroix’s designs turn to be daily life product? It will be grade and luxurious? Christian Lacroix turns their artwork or print and embroidery to be stationary, named as Christian Lacroix Papier. Criminal Girl like the delicate element of the note book set and post card, especially the choosing of paper and the way of printing. You can see Christian Lacroix treats these stationary line as Haute Couture clothing, making it as delicate as it can be. Christian Lacroix said these stationary collection as the celebration of the singular French “joie devivve” , it is a home and lifestyle division. 



Six Continents

Boxed Notebook Set

31101-BOOK6FRONTm 31101-BOOK1FRONTm 31101-BOX&BOOKSm
Les Modes Parisiennes

Boxed Notebook Set
19359-BoxedSet_4Booksm 19359-BoxedSEt_CARNET-2m 31101-BOOK3FRONTm
Oro Y Plata
Correspondence Cards
19545-ENVELOPE1m 19545-ENVELOPE2m 19545_CARDm

Correspondence cards with envelopes
92752_envelopeopenm 92752_boxbottomm

CL01028_back_0002 copym CL01028_inside1_0003 copym
2014 Dated Diary

2014 Slim Dated Diary
CL01029_Front_0010 copym CL01029_Inside1_0003 copym

Travel Journal
31719_frontcoverm 31719_popup-4m 31719_popup-9m 31719_popup-11m 13095_backm 31719_stickersm 92754_cardm

92750_frontcoverm 92750_glassespage2m 92750_glassespagem 92750_endpapersm

13095_backm 13095_inside1m 13095_inside2m 13095_inside4m
Haute Couture

Note Cards with envelopes
19355-Notecards_Cardsm 19355-Notecards_STICKERSm
Carte Postale

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