Adjustable urban touch – Fabric Division

Adjustable urban touch – Fabric Division

Don’t say that Criminal Girl don’t like marketable or daily clothing! I like it , but I have quite high requirement of daily clothing. My requirement including, 1. the brand has good branding , we can see branding part in their advertisement, graphic designs , shop interior or even shopping bags designs. 2. every season this brand must have something inspired me , 3. the focus area of this brand should be marketable or has a clear mind. I can say that Fabric Division- a Italy based designer brand fits all my requirements. Criminal like the model they chosen in their SS13 lookbook, and they have good layout in their advertisement, last but not least, the make good clothing! The minmal designs matching with comfortable coloration, makes all clothes become luxurious. The concept of this season is to make active wear become chic and blend with urban-touch. I like that they make all clothing this season to be adjustable, depends on wearer preference, it is so important to interact with wearer, and make all wearer have their own unique designed clothing. 

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Interview with Linda Crivellari and Enrico Assirelli (Founder of Fabric Division)

G: Criminal Girl, L/E: Linda Crivellari and Enrico Assirelli

G: Would you please tell me more about your latest collection?

L/E: FABRIC DIVISON spring summer 2013 collection is called Static Fabric Statue. It is our own research of the thin line between activewear and chic.
It has a really urban vibe but at the same time transparencies and geometries enhance the feminine side of the wearer.


G: What is your muse for this collection?

L/E: We usually don’t have any specific muse. All the pieces are designed to make the wider bodytype range look beautiful.


G: What new for you this season ? What kind of make up or accessories for your latest collection?


L/E: We are obsessed from the 90s and is what really inspired us on our new project. We love those neon and print swimsuit and the super high waist briefs in technics fabrics mixed with transparent elements.


G: Why did you interested in fashion?

L/E: Actually Fashion is our main love and came as a process after different experiences in the field of creativity ranging from product design to art. We need to bring on all of that activitiy through collaboration to enrich our fashion vocabulary.


G: What do you think about the new designers in Italy? 

L/E: There’s plenty of amazing newcomer in Italy. Our tradition is currently being developed and re-interpreted in innovative and contemporary ways.


G: What is the next project for you?

L/E: We are currently working on our new collection and we have plenty ideas, meanwhile we are thinking on some new project and collaboration.


G: Where do you seek your inspiration?

L/E: Inspiration is just a re-interpretation and an editing of all the input we get in our journey and researches. We are true art-lover and full-time thoughtful, music and art are consequently a big part of our background.


G: What is your favorite designer and why?

L/E: We really love J.W. Anderson and Celine work lately, they both sum up simplicity and linearity in a really contemporary way .


After the interview….

I am happy to introduce Fabric Division to all of you, they are so creative and thoughtful. Criminal Girl not always like minmal designs, because it hard to carry out the message behind designs. However, Fabric Division did it, I like the adjustable concept , and it just like Issey Miyake previous designs. It is good to have interaction with wearer, and the uniqueness of clothing created by wearer that care they customer’s feeling so much. 


More information of Fabric Division:

Official Website:

Not just a label account:

Facebook page:


When Criminal Girl meets Fabric Division SS13 collection:

criminal girl meets fabric division





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