Structural Fashion – Mariana Morgado

Structural Fashion – Mariana Morgado The principle of fashion and architecture is just the same, all about three dimensional beauty. Mariana Morgado , Portugal based designer, presented her SS13 collection in the relationship between fashion and architecture. The interesting thing is Mariana used textile design technique to present the shape of architecture. Mariana used transparent fashion applying stitches to show the lines of architecture. Criminal Girl like the presentation of lookbook, it is a good choice of using British-like interior design to present the collection, it matches the lines and fresh colors of clothing.   In FW 13 collection, the collection named as “Melting Ice” , presenting the nature of arctic landscape environment. The structural clothing matches with Digital print showing the traditional clothing of arctic ethnic. It is quite an environmental protect collection and presenting the cold beauty side of women.  FW13 collection – “Melting Ice”

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SS13 collection – Kryptonee

1varanda 17picos 16oh 15rapazinho 14russo 207a 12fechados 11zangada 10mami 9zoom 8joelhos 7coluna 6ladinho 5esticada 4contrast zoom 3contrast 2lado Interview of Mariana Morgado G: Criminal Girl , M : Mariana Morgado   G: Would you please tell me more about your latest collection?  M:My latest collection is titled “Melting Ice” and I’m now working on my Fall/Winter look book. This collection is housed on a cold and icy environment, a proposal which refers to the Arctic landscape and its physical and natural elements. Inspired on the ice and on its transformation processes, “Melting Ice” breathes a cold air, a polar and Nordic atmosphere, simultaneously still and dynamic. This collection is destined to a very feminine, delicate and fragile woman, but at the same time with an untouchable presence. The woman is no longer just a woman, but a being, a crystal entity.   G:What is your muse for this collection? M: A women with a crystal entity. This transformation is a consequence of the cold winds of Artic. Ice starts melting and this women becomes another person, a beautiful and pure human being.   G:What new for you this season? What kind of make up/ accessories for your latest collection? M:This is my first Fall/Winter collection, a different group of work with new silhouettes. The outfits result from a dialogue between sticky and fluid, where the veils seek to translate the cold and Nordic winds. The selection of colors refers to the context on which the proposal is based, the white of the snow, the blue and black seas of the de-glaciation process that reveals the earth itself. The materials seek to accentuate this relation, the shines relate to the reflection of the sun on the surfaces of ice, the transparencies to the liquid and solid water and the hair and skin to the protection and connection to the polar fauna. All the accessories and the makeup will be related to the concept.   G:How about your study in “ Initiation to Fashion Design” at CITEX? Any special culture? The environment? and why your choose this school? M:CITEX, now MODATEX is considered the best fashion school in Portugal, since I’m Portuguese I applied to CITEX and I became part of this amazing entity that prepared me for this world. I’m natural from Setubal, a city near to Lisbon CITEX is in Porto in the north of Portugal. When I was 18 I moved to Porto pursuing my dreams and now moving again, this time to London.   G:Why did you interested in fashion? M:Being a Fashion designer and Launch my own brand was the thing that I’ve always wanted to do, since I was a child, since I remember being myself.   G:  What do you think about the new designers in Portugal? M:There are so many talented people in Portugal…but I think that the opportunities for new young designers are a few. We can always count with Lab in Lisbon fashion week and BLOOM in Portugal Fashion. But I think that young designers need more contests and initiatives. But still, Portugal is a great country to create fashion, we have many textiles and production industries that make our ideas possible.   G: What is the next project for you?  M:My next step is make the Fall/Winter lookbook and move to London to make my brand grow there.   G:Where do you seek your inspiration? M:Usually I’m a very easy inspiring person, everything that surrounds me inspires me. But usually people, personalities and characters in movies, music videos are the main things that inspire me. Powerful and beautiful women’s in the 90’s are probably my main influence.   G: What is your favorite designer and why? M: I don’t have a favorite designer but there are collections and work I really love and inspire me. Having a favorite designer means that I’m seek for all his work, there always some silhouettes or some colors that I don’t like. If I had to choose some of my favorite collections and creators those would be, among others: Balenciaga SS2012 ready to wear and SS2009 rtw, Givenchy Fw2011 Couture. Christopher Kane Fw2011 rtw, Alexander Wang SS 2011 rtw and Fw 2010 rtw.   After the interview… Mariana made a brave decision to move to London for her fashion career. Portugal has the same situation as Hong Kong, there are many great designers all over the world, but the environment not giving them a chance to show up their designs. It is a good decision to move to a fashion country to let people know more about their designs, and I really hope that Mariana can have great offer in London.  More information of Mariana Morgado Official Website: Not Just a Label account:   When Criminal Girl meets Marian Morgado SS13 collection Kryptonee When Criminal Girl meets Marian Morgado _ Kryptonee


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