Criminal Girl’s Resort 2014 pick

Criminal Girl’s Resort 2014 pick 

Criminal Girl posted a lot of resort collections within these two weeks, but most of them is not in my top list. Criminal Girl wanna write a full report of her top picks and give appreciation of all of these perfect works from designers. My top picks are:


1) Theyskens Theory resort 2014 

I admit that I like Theyskens Theory collections a lot, also their resort 2014! Olivier Theyskens just applied simple cuttings and always right color – black in this collection, but the collection created a kind of minimal rock style. The collection surely very marketable, it is easy for everyone to wear black and white, the slim cutting also makes people looks slender. There is also a good match of black n white with denim , denim with different washing adding variation in collection. 

TheyskensTheory_020_1366.450x675 TheyskensTheory_019_1366.450x675 TheyskensTheory_016_1366.450x675 TheyskensTheory_012_1366.450x675 TheyskensTheory_010_1366.450x675 TheyskensTheory_007_1366.450x675 TheyskensTheory_006_1366.450x675 TheyskensTheory_003_1366.450x675 TheyskensTheory_002_1366.450x675

When Criminal Girl meets Theyskens Theory resort 2014

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2) Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

Yes… Preen by Thornton Bregazzi is the brand name you can always seen in Criminal Girls’ pick, and yes… resort 2014 also includes in my top list. Preen by Thornton Bregazzi always is a good player of colors and patterns, this collection Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi introduced neon pink colors matching with sky blue, neon yellow, navy , black n white and grey colors. The neon pick is sharp but it also marketable when matching with grey and sky blue colors, it gives us a feeling of summer touch. Criminal Girl likes the floral prints with tie dye a lot, this is very chic matching with neon colors. 

Preen_020_1366.450x675 Preen_017_1366.450x675 Preen_021_1366.450x675 Preen_019_1366.450x675 Preen_025_1366.450x675 Preen_024_1366.450x675 Preen_015_1366.450x675 Preen_014_1366.450x675 Preen_008_1366.450x675 Preen_006_1366.450x675 Preen_005_1366.450x675 Preen_002_1366.450x675

When Criminal Girl meets Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

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3) Cedric Charlier resort 2014 

Cedric Charlier always is a representative of Modern style, this collection we can see Cedric Charlier’s modern style matching with summer chic! The abstract print of this collection is a highlight of all outfits and the nice match of colors, it makes the whole collection in between sporty and modern touch! As a small highlight, Criminal Girl likes the sunglass of this collection very much, and I put it into my must buy list! 

CedricCharlier_020_1366.450x675 CedricCharlier_021_1366.450x675 CedricCharlier_019_1366.450x675 CedricCharlier_015_1366.450x675 CedricCharlier_011_1366.450x675 CedricCharlier_010_1366.450x675 CedricCharlier_009_1366.450x675 CedricCharlier_008_1366.450x675 CedricCharlier_005_1366.450x675 CedricCharlier_004_1366.450x675 CedricCharlier_001_1366.450x675



4) Kenzo resort 2014

I can say it is a very good revolution when Kenzo tick over by Opening Ceremony. I can see young and energetic in resort 2014. It gives me a feeling of No. 21 but in more luxurious version. I also like the lookbook presentation very much, very simple but having a fashionable touch! For Criminal Girl, the clutch and K wording print tunic is my must buy, and the nice red biker and blue matching floral print one piece also in my wish list!

Kenzo_026_1366.450x675 Kenzo_024_1366.450x675 Kenzo_022_1366.450x675 Kenzo_014_1366.450x675 Kenzo_011_1366.450x675 Kenzo_010_1366.450x675 Kenzo_007_1366.450x675 Kenzo_005_1366.450x675 Kenzo_004_1366.450x675 Kenzo_002_1366.450x675


When Criminal Girl meets Kenzo resort 2014

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5) Balenciaga resort 2014

“Getaria” is the place that Alexander Wang found inspiration in Balenciaga resort 2014 collection. It gives Criminal Girl a feeling of luxurious safari look and it very suitable for lady of quality to travel with. Alexander Wang plays a lot of black n white pattern in this collection and it also makes Criminal Girl thinks about a luxurious version of op art application. The silhouette of this collection is very variable, from simple cut to Cocoon shape, from easy to wear to exaggerate style. 

Balenciaga_023_1366.450x675 Balenciaga_020_1366.450x675 Balenciaga_019_1366.450x675 Balenciaga_017_1366.450x675 Balenciaga_013_1366.450x675 Balenciaga_010_1366.450x675 Balenciaga_004_1366.450x675 Balenciaga_002_1366.450x675 Balenciaga_001_1366.450x675


When Criminal Girl meets Balenciaga Resort 2014

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