Criminal Girl’s Ready-to-wear Spring 2014 pick

Criminal Girl’s Ready-to-wear Spring 2014 pick

Criminal Girl loves All collections in Ready-to-wear Spring 2014 very much, they are all amazing! It’s hard to pick my favorites, so I  picked… 6 collections in total, all of them are my favorites of favorites!

1) Ashish

The new collection of Ashish is all about Consumerism and Street fashion, and surely Ashish decorate his concept by sequence! Criminal Girl also think that the story behind Ashish collection is about a Vintage Shop, a vintage shop that selling all different fashion products in different culture. That’s why we can see Indian, Arabic, African style in collection and repackaging it to be fashionable street style!

_FSM9720.450x675 _FSM9700.450x675 _FSM9679.450x675 _FSM9648.450x675 _FSM9625.450x675 _FSM9612.450x675 _FSM9600.450x675 _FSM9584.450x675 _FSM9574.450x675 _FSM9565.450x675 _FSM9540.450x675 _FSM9529.450x675 _FSM9520.450x675 _FSM9509.450x675 _FSM9460.450x675 _FSM9447.450x675 _FSM9420.450x675

When Criminal Girl meets Ashish Spring 2014 collection 

Criminal Girl meets Ashish Spring 2014

2) Edun

After the rebrand of Edun, we can see there is a big change in styling and silhouette in 2014 collection. Edun keeps their charity concept behind, but the new designer use the same concept to create clothing women wants to wear. The new concept of Edun is about “flattening”, keeping all clothing in simple silhouette, but with special treatment in weaving and printing. Edun becomes easier to wear, but applying new ideas in every small parts of clothing. 

_AGA8556.450x675 _AGA8574.450x675 _AGA8595.450x675 _AGA8620.450x675 _AGA8630.450x675 _AGA8640.450x675 _AGA8664.450x675 _AGA8702.450x675 _AGA8710.450x675 _AGA8732.450x675 _AGA8742.450x675 _AGA8769.450x675 _AGA8835.450x675 _AGA8893.450x675

When Criminal Girl meets Edun Spring 2014

criminal girl meets Edun Spring 2014

3) Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten created a causal but romantic collection in Spring 2014. Dries Van Noten said he wants women who wear this collection to be “pretty but strange” like Tamara de Lempicka and Loulou de la Falaise. Criminal Girl thinks that Dries Van Noten turn Gold to be romantic , and turns gold to be a delicate elements matching with Africa details. The style of collection is very free spirits, but it will surely draw people eyes when you are wearing the clothing of this collection !

DRI_0030.450x675 DRI_0068.450x675 DRI_0095.450x675 DRI_0145.450x675 DRI_0170.450x675 DRI_0211.450x675 DRI_0324.450x675 DRI_0344.450x675 DRI_0357.450x675 DRI_0383.450x675 DRI_0536.450x675 DRI_0557.450x675 DRI_0609.450x675 DRI_0661.450x675 DRI_0676.450x675 DRI_0717.450x675 DRI_0726.450x675_D7Q0012.450x675 _D7Q0092.450x675 _D7Q0106.450x675 _D7Q0167.450x675 _D7Q0239.450x675 _D7Q0362.450x675 _D7Q0391.450x675 _D7Q0748.450x675 _D7Q1030.450x675

When Criminal Girl meets Dries Van Noten

Criminal Girl meets Dries Van Noten Spring 2014

4) Prada

Prada new collection brings out a lots of issue for people to struggle with. We can see tribalism issue, the political street art of L.A., Mexico, and South America mixed with street and art issue. Miuccia Prada wants all of us to keep an eye in the world issue and different artist elements all around the world! I really like this collection, it proves that fashion is not only luxurious or trend! It is a part of life, designers can do collection inspired by every day life. We are facing a tough world that discrimination, wars and suppress are easily happened. Miuccia Prada plays a good role as a designer to make a beautiful collection to brings up all issues!

_ON_0358.450x675 _ON_0336.450x675 _ON_0308.450x675 _ON_0274.450x675 _ON_0267.450x675 _ON_0243.450x675 _ON_0229.450x675 _ON_0209.450x675 _ON_0186.450x675 _ON_0166.450x675 _ON_0159.450x675 _ON_0151.450x675 _ON_0141.450x675 _ON_0124.450x675 _ON_0113.450x675 _ON_0091.450x675 _ON_0082.450x675 _ON_0074.450x675 _ON_0064.450x675 _ON_0020.450x675 _D7Q1221.450x675 _D7Q1024.450x675 _D7Q0848.450x675 _D7Q0689.450x675

When Criminal Girl meets Prada Spring 2014

Criminal Girl meets Prada Spring 2014

5) Erdem 

If you are still prefer floral and delicate prints in Erdem 2014 collection …. I can say sorry. Designer Mr. Moralioglu changed his mind to create a preppy look of Erdem. Yes, you can still see the romantic touch of Erdem in this collection, but the main colors becomes black and white.  Mr. Moralioglu  focused on the selection of fabric and the details of textile design in this collection. And the new experiment comes out a free style collection with delicate feather treatment and fine lace on top .


ERD_5247.450x675 ERD_5279.450x675 ERD_5299.450x675 ERD_5311.450x675 ERD_5331.450x675 ERD_5343.450x675 ERD_5361.450x675 ERD_5379.450x675 ERD_5402.450x675 ERD_5413.450x675 ERD_5434.450x675 ERD_5464.450x675 ERD_5500.450x675 ERD_5545.450x675 ERD_5565.450x675


When Criminal Girl meets Erdem Spring 2014

Criminal Girl meets Edrem spring 2014


6) J.W. Anderson

In 2014 J.W. Anderson shows his super power in draping, he created clothing with his special touch of twisting, braiding and pleating! The spring 2014 collection presented J.W. Anderson impression of summer, it is a dark summer party , with all people wearing light clothing and dancing around. The choice of fabric is very summer touch like sheer fabric, organza, jersey and nylon fringe etc, and all these fabric combined to be a playful party collection !

AND_2253.450x675 AND_2213.450x675 AND_2190.450x675 AND_2165.450x675 AND_2048.450x675 AND_2032.450x675 AND_2010.450x675 AND_1960.450x675 AND_1946.450x675 AND_1921.450x675 AND_1896.450x675 AND_1881.450x675 AND_1865.450x675 AND_1844.450x675


When Criminal Girl meets J.W. Anderson Spring 2014

Criminal Girl meets J.W. Anderson spring 2014


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