Face off World – Zo-ee Hide and Seek Collection

Face off World – Zo-ee Hide and Seek Collection

It’s good to see Zoe latest designs within the “Ta, Ta, Ta” exhibition organized by HKAOD. “Ta, Ta, Ta” means “She, It, He” in Chinese, and Zoe thinks about the relationship between people in society. She plays a “Hide and Seek” game with her knitted mask, and creates her ideal and surreal world. Within the “Hide and Seek” world, no one can judging others by their face and social identity, and they can cover their emotion. People will become closer and will be interested to know others personality, which knows the “real” me! Zoe thinks that people can build up trust without social and face judgement, the world will be much more fair and harmony. 

20130920_HKETO_design-september-5448 20130920_HKETO_design-september-577220130920_HKETO_design-september-576420130920_HKETO_design-september-544920130920_HKETO_design-september-5450 photo-39



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When Criminal Girl meets Zo-ee “Hide and Seek” collection 

criminal girl meets Zo-ee Hide and Seek collection


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