Packaging Beauties – Jolene Fung

Packaging Beauties – Jolene Fung

In an environmentally friendly society, if I told  you that we will make a collection by packaging material, you will say that it is such a waste! However, if some simple packaging materials, can turn to be beautiful and functional ready-to-wear, it is a kind of environmental protection. Jolene Fung get inspiration from a video that fusing plastic bag with a domestic icon, and she try to develop different material using packaging boxes or donated clothes. Criminal girl likes the color palette of this collection, its very japanese ukiyoe paintings-like and it looks new! 

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Interview with Jolene Fung

G: Criminal Girl, J:Jolene Fung

G: Would you please tell me more about your latest collection and what is your muse?

J: I was inspired by the functional beauty of the mid-century modern designs.  It was very cool, clean, sophisticated, combining functionalism with aesthetic enjoyment. The joyful colours of the post-war designs also helped me to form my colour palette.

This video about fusing plastic bag together with a domestic iron on Youtube I watched a few years ago just flashed in my mind on one of the night in the very beginning of the research stage. It was nothing like what I am doing but it’s basically the principle of it. I was desperate to create some samples to show my tutor the next morning and I just have the right materials right under my sink. So why not create some prints like painting with this technique with just an iron and it went so well and  was fascinating. Its always about that moment it clicks.

So, I just let the technique and the material leaded my way to design and develop this combination of pattern cutting and box packaging method to portrait the 50s Dior kind of silhouette.

When I first decided to use this material, I told myself that the collection cannot look like its made out of rubbish and it has to be something that no one has done with recycled art (or plastic bags) ever.  I think I have archived that quite successfully but failed to let people know what it really is. I think most of the people still thinks that they are made from painted cardboard of paper. Haha.

Most of the plastic bags I was using were collected form TRAID. They were basically the bags that come with the donated clothes. 


G: What new for you this season? What kind of make up/ accessories for your collection?

J: I am currently developing an accessory line from this collection including some card holders, passport holders, pouch etc. Using mainly the same material and technique but they will be more particle and marketable.


G: How about your study in Central St Martin? Any special culture? The enviornment? and why your choose this school?

J: Going to Central Saint Martins probably was the best decision I have ever made in my life so far. It gave me a lot of freedom to do whatever I wanted and explore who I am and it taught me not to be nice but be amazing. I always keep that in my mind. I just always feel so blessed to be surrounded by some many amazing peers and tutors.


G: Why did you interested in fashion?

J: Its full of identity, representing a lot of things about a person. It’s a form of art.


G: What do you think about the new designers in London?

J: There are always so many talented young designers from all around the world in London looking for opportunities. Things are really exciting and everyone is seeking to create things that are beyond expected. Same as many other big cities, there are so many talented young people but so few opportunities. It’s certainly extremely competitive.


G: Where do you seek your inspiration?

J: It’s different all the time. I found that I tend to look in to old ideas, historical things or traditional method in art and craft. There are always so many old things that I have never heard of and they will all become new to me, giving new meanings to them is what I am interested.


G: What is your favorite designer and why?

J: Nicolas Ghesquiere, Raf Simons, Jill sander, the way that they bring minimalism to a maximum effect really fascinates me.


After the interview…

The environmental protection fashion is a kind of trend right now, even in Hong Kong we have The Eco Chic Design Award every year. The reason is fashion industry always state as an environment killer within all these years, we waste too much, and the way will product downs , fur or print is so cruel and cause so much pollution. Its time to change our images to the public, and Jolene Fung did a good job to try using some rubbish or waste to recycle all wastage. Criminal Girl really hope this trend can be a new culture in fashion, because we have some many different choice of materials instead of using a cruel way or causing so much pollution. 


More information of Jolene Fung

 Tumblr website:


When Criminal Girl meets Jolene Fung’s collection

Criminal girl meets Jolene Chun.jpg


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