My Unique Reconstructed Bag – JUDtlv

My Unique Reconstructed Bag – JUDtlv 

As a fashionista, we wanna buy most unique things to show our taste of fashion, but wearing “branding” products really cannot satisfied our requirement of uniqueness. Criminal Girl solves this problem buy search hand made goods or designer brand goods in Etsy. JUDtlv really surprise Criminal Girl a lot. The use of material and the fine of products are really more then a designer brand level. After checking JUDtlv owner Roy Itzhack’s profile, I found the reason; He is an experienced designer, full with passion to what he does, worked for international brands for the last 10 year, now in the last 2 years he lunched his own brand, which characterize in clean shaped natural materials as a continuity to his greener way of life and personal taste, that’s why JUDtlv keep making new &unique collections.

gerila shooting

JUD-to each his own-12

JUD-to each his own-14

JUD-to each his own-7

JUD-to each his own-1

JUD-to each his own-4

Production Roy Itzhack for JUD Photographer: Bohbot Eli
Video Photographer: Nimrod Kapeluto Video Editor: Rogey Berkovich
Music: Roi Sela and Barak Rosen
Hair Design: Hod Moshe Shitrit Makeup: Alevtina kisel
Styling: Orit bugala 

Products of JUDtlv:






Interview with Roy Itzhack
G: Criminal Girl , R: Roy Itzhack

G: Would you please tell me more about your products (main elements)? 

R: The bags are carefully handmade locally and are available in a wide variety of leather qualities and colors, as well done from coated natural fabrics which are water resistance; each bag is made of selected leather/ fabric and produced in limited edition. The lining of each bag is made of cotton or recycled fabric all over patterned. Woven Laces made of 100% cotton in gross color and each bag is attached to individual key holder made of recycled paper, which allows connecting your keys or wallet.

G: What is your favorite technique in creating bags?

R: When I design a bag I always try to work with paper folding very similar to origami technique, keeping the shape simple and using reach materials bring the best result of fine designed bag simplicity and details – are the next stage when I am combining it all then the design is ready for production.

G: What new products you are highly recommended?

R: I sure recommend the classic size leather drawstring tote/ backpack as bellow, due to it amazing comfort, it can be carry as tote as well as backpack, over the gold part as external or the mustard, this way you can match it to the rest of the outfit. link: shop_home_active

As well I do recommend the “Travel set cases”: shop_home_active shop_home_active shop_home_active

Which are perfect in its simplicity and design while giving the option of very stylish comfortable way to organize all your wallets things to be carry by hand or in bag.

G: Do you have any background in fashion field?

R: I was born in ISL, in 1979. At the age of 19 he moved to Tel Aviv, pursuing my dream of getting the skills and knowledge for becoming a fashion designer, after 4 years in the private institute ‘ASCOLA’, successfully graduated, specialized in leather tailoring I begin working as a Menswear designer.

Throughout 11 years I explore my abilities within the global& local textile industry, that have been put to the test by well-known European& local companies, working as Fashion designer, specialized in man’s wear& Trend forecasting, While promoted to higher position as Design director for several brands during the last 6 years.

G: Why did you interested in creating bags? and where do you seek your inspiration?

R: In the last 2 years, I started building my own collection and as part of my green way of living I noticed disposable bags, envelopes and plastic bags started exploring their shape and materials, Noticing the iconic simplicity of their existence, I chose it to be my inspiration, using natural choice of me – Leather, I redesigned the classic draw string plastic bag shape while giving it a new shape and functionality, adding a shoulder strap for shoulder hanging so it could be Multi-carried.

The latest edition is done from old Jeans which have dismantled and reconstructed for a new product, achieving new product with the grace of the old garment aging effects, and recycling. Since, every model which I produces characterized by clean design features, combines with multi-functional composite as a finished product, therefore my products fits well with a variety of personalities but definitely were thought & designed for the “Urban type” of customer, the same customer who seeks for the holly combination of design, quality, and comfort which integrated perfectly with each individuality.’

G: What is your favorite designer and why? 

R: Alexander Wang is one of my favorite designers as for today he seeks new territories, the feel of the collection till the last smallest product are tight to his hand write. his collections are innovative and simple as smart.

After the interview…

Working as a graphic designer now, Criminal Girl knows how difficult to establish your own brand, Keeping passion in fashion is also a big responsibility! Criminal Girl feel the passion and motion of Roy in his collection, I Got a strong feel that he will keep growing& expand, while giving us the benefit of enjoying his collections, will not be long till we will come across one of his designed bags over other famous department stores!

Etsy online shop of JUDtlv:

JUDtlv’s facebook page:

JUDtlv’s twitter:

JUDtlv’s latest video: 


When Criminal Girl meets JUDtlv



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