Menswear 2014 pick

Menswear 2014 pick 

Actually… Criminal Girl likes menswear more then womenswear, I don’t know why. Criminal Girl feels that menswear design becomes much more interesting then before, from material selection, techniques and silhouette, I can always see something new! Especially , I really like funky stuff, menswear always makes Criminal Girl happy : ) Let’s see what I selected for Fall 2014 menswear. 

Raf Simons


When Criminal Girl meets Raf Simons Fall 2014 collection 

criminal girl meets raf simons fall 2014 collection

J.W. Anderson 

_ARC0015.450x675 _ARC0461.450x675 _ARC0428.450x675 _ARC0380.450x675 _ARC0361.450x675 _ARC0261.450x675 _ARC0242.450x675 _ARC0209.450x675 _ARC0188.450x675 _ARC0151.450x675 _ARC0123.450x675 _ARC0036.450x675


When Criminal Girl meets J.W. Anderson Fall 2014 collection 

criminal girl meets J.W. Anderson fall 2014 collection



Thom Browne

BRO_0043.450x675_ARC0035.450x675_ARC0012.450x675BRO_0091.450x675 _ARC0072.450x675BRO_0124.450x675BRO_0190.450x675BRO_0323.450x675BRO_0339.450x675BRO_0373.450x675_ARC0353.450x675BRO_0407.450x675BRO_0438.450x675BRO_0507.450x675BRO_0543.450x675BRO_0615.450x675BRO_0641.450x675_ARC0150.450x675

When Criminal Girl meets Thom Browne

criminal girl meets Thom Browne fall 2014 collection


Man- Alan Taylor

YVL_2617.450x675 YVL_2780.450x675 YVL_2732.450x675 YVL_2707.450x675 YVL_2668.450x675 YVL_2643.450x675 YVL_2630.450x675


When Criminal Girl meets Man- Alan Taylor Fall 2014 collection 

criminal girl meets Man- Alan Taylor fall 2014 collection


Henrik Vibskov

HENRIK-VIBSKOV-FW14-02-700x1050 HENRIK-VIBSKOV-FW14-03-700x1050 HENRIK-VIBSKOV-FW14-07-700x1050 HENRIK-VIBSKOV-FW14-09-700x1050 HENRIK-VIBSKOV-FW14-11-700x1050 HENRIK-VIBSKOV-FW14-13-700x1050 HENRIK-VIBSKOV-FW14-16-700x1050 HENRIK-VIBSKOV-FW14-22-700x1050 HENRIK-VIBSKOV-FW14-23-700x1050 HENRIK-VIBSKOV-FW14-25-700x1050 HENRIK-VIBSKOV-FW14-27-700x1050


When Criminal Girl meets Henrik Vibskov 

criminal girl meets Henrik Vibskov fall 2014 collection



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