Heart to Motherland- Lina Michal

Heart to Motherland- Lina Michal

The first meet of Lina Michal designs is from Muuse x Vogue Talents – Young Vision Award, she is the winner of 2013. Her collection is so delicate and in such a good silhouette that draw my attention. When I sending email to Lina, she is so nice and react really fast to my interview. It really impress me. Criminal Girl meets so many talented designer in the process of making reports in Fashion Criminals? Fashion Beings? Lina really is a memorable designer , because she is so talented without arrogant. she respects me as a local Hong Kong Fashion reporter and really provide so much help in the interview . 

Heathen Heart 

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Interview with Lina Michal

G: Criminal Girl , L: Lina Michal

G: Would you please tell me more about your latest collection? 

L:  It’s called Heathen Hearts and I experimented with handmade techniques to manipulate the fabric, the shapes and the silhouettes. I’ve worked with smocking, print and embroidery to give the outfits an organic and spontaneous feeling.


G: What is your inspiration for this collection?

L: I was inspired by my own Swedish heritage and our long tradition of animism and how this is still present in our modern day culture. I researched midsummer, Swedish crown brides and traditional decoration with leaves among other things.


G: How about your study in Beckmans College Of Design? Any special culture? The environment? and why your choose this school?

L: Beckmans in Stockholm accept very few students, we were only twelve students studying fashion in my year, so I was very happy when I got in. It’s three very intensive years, where you don’t really have a life outside of school. I remember spending both December 25th and January 1st at my desk. But my classmates are friends for life and the teachers are dedicated. I’ve probably never laughed so much and I know I’ve never cried so much as when I did my Bachelor’s degree there. All worth it though.


G: Why did you interested in fashion?

L: I’ve always been creative as a person, and a little restless, and the fashion industry is perfect for someone like that.


G: What do you think about the new designers in Sweden?

L: I think there are a so many new interesting designers in Sweden right now. I feel like this is a generation of designers very different from the cool, minimalist fashion that we’re perhaps more known for. And it’s exciting to see how these brands will do, also on an international market.


G: What is the next project for you? 

L: I’m currently working on adapting my graduation collection to a ready-to-wear collection together with the Danish company MUUSE, it’s challenging but fun.


G: Where do you seek your inspiration?

L: Well, you can never just wait for inspiration to come, you need to “feed your brain” with things to be inspired. Take a walk, see an art show, travel, read books, meet new people etcetera. Whatever you can to get new impressions, but don’t just sit at your desk.


After the interview ….

Lina’s collection called Heather Hearts, it is really a yearn of her Motherland. The delicate accessories, trims and the silhouette is very Swedish like. It seems that she really like her motherland and her first school of fashion – Bechmans College of Design. It really good that a designer keeping their own culture elements in their design and repackage it so be an international collection. I think Lina did it! Lina will work for her ready-to-wear collection with Danish company MUUSE, I am really looking forward to it, hope that she will be a successful international designer in the future! 

More information of Lina Michal

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When Criminal Girl meets Lina Michal Heathen Heart Collection 

criminal girl meets Lina Michal Heathen Hearts collection


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