“One of a kind” Accessories – Pergamondo

“One of a kind” Accessories – Pergamondo

Pergamondo is one of my favorite Etsy shop, it always has new products with fresh and modern products! The word “Pergamondo” is pergamot in Greek, it is a fruit always mixed with sugar and making to be a jam like desert. This kind of sweet inspired shop owner Elisavet to use as her accessories brand. Elisavet is a full time architect, she has an interest to make jewelry since she was 12, and Pergamondo is a kind of dream come true for her. Criminal Girl likes the use of colors of Pergamondo’s products, Elisavet also like to use different textured products to create her own “one of a kind”piece. Therefore, Pergamondo’s Jewelry is very unique, and you really can’t see those products in fast fashion brand. The price of Pergamondo’s products are quit reasonable, you can buy such uniqueness jewelry in HKD 120.oo something. For me it is such a good shop that you can have your own piece in a good price! 

Peregamondo’s latest products

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Interview with Elisavet

G: Criminal Girl, E: Elisavet

G:  Would you please tell me more about your products in Etsy shops (main elements)?    

E:  Minimalism and geometry are the basic “rules” for my creations. I try to make oerne-of-a-kind pieces because I want to try new colors and designs all the time. My intention is to use different textures in the materials so I use felt and fabric, plastic (like PVC), foam rubber and others, which I combine with beads that vary in size, shape, color and material. I try to upcycle plastic and fabric (like old coasters and t-shirts) and use leftovers (like PVC from advertising panels).    


G:  What is your favorite technique in creating jewelries? 

E:  I really don’t use a specific technique except the one that I used in making models during my studies in the architectural school. I use materials that I can cut by hand and I enjoy transforming shapeless materials into geometric shapes.   

G: What new products you are highly recommended?     

E:  I created a series of necklaces using vintage recycled vinyl beads and Greek vintage ceramic beads. The items are limited because I can’t find the same beads again.    


G:  Do you have any background in fashion field?    

E:  No, I have never studied or worked in the fashion field. I have studied architecture and I’m currently working as an architect so I experience the excitement of the designing process.    


G:  Why did you interested in selling products in Etsy?    

E:  When I discovered Etsy I thought I was in heaven. I would have never imagined that there’s a place where you could find all these handmade beauties. So when I started making jewelry I knew that that is the place for me.    


G:  Where do you seek your inspiration?    

E: From architecture I guess! 🙂

And from ancient and tribal jewelry and designs but also from everyday things that we rarely get to notice. 


G:  What is your favorite designer and why?    

E: I don’t follow the fashion trends but I admire the work of some local fashion designers like Ioanna Kourbela and OR handmade. They both create unique minimalist and asymmetrical clothes using unconvetional fabrics. 


Pergamondo’s Etsy shop:


Pergamondo’s facebook page:


When Criminal Girl meets Pergamondo latest products:

criminal girl meets pergamondo products



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