Soft Sculpture – Andrea van Reimersdahl

Soft Sculpture – Andrea van Reimersdahl 

Most of the time  we think that scarf is an accessories, it helps us to keep warm or to give us additional pretty in the mix & match process. Andrea van Reimersdahl has a different point of view. He loves textile design, he loves printing and he wants to promote scarf as a kind of soft sculpture that cover our skin. In his latest collection, we can see models are mainly covered by scarf and the print of scarf becomes an main character that affecting the totally look of outfits. Criminal Girl likes this concept, because I am also a scarf lover. Scarf can achieve different kind of extreme printing and it adds colors on our outfits!

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Interview with Andrea van Reimersdahl

A: Andrea van Reimersdahl, G: Criminal Girl 

G: Would you please tell me more about your latest collection?

A: My latest collection is a project in the intersection of art, fashion and textile design. A model is wrapped in printed and painted fabrics. In terms of fashion, which we wear I wanted to go one step further. The face is covered by textures of colours and structures as a symbol for hiding and veiling information we don´t like to be analysed, published or exchanged. By masquerading or disguising it is possible to create grotesque figures in a colourful, sculptural way.

The thought behind is the aspect that we are able to create alter egos which we use parallel to the reality in the digital world. Individuality and originality is there more often perceptible as in real live.


G: What is your muse for this collection?

A: The muse for every collection or project is the use of textiles as medium and idea. My empathy to fabrics and the related printing craft are important elements to transform a surface into a soft sculptural or spatial dimension.

Prints, brush painting or dyeing give an ambiguity to the surfaces.    


G:  What new for you this season? What kind of new make up/ accessories for your latest collection?    

A: Each collection or project is based on a concept that influences the choice of colours, fabrics, the styling and the presentation.

I never consider trends of colours or shapes the fashion market provides.


G:  How about your study in Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee? Any special culture? The environment? and why your choose this school?    

A: Drawing and painting is my medium to visualize my ideas and to create images.

Therefore I wanted to study fine arts / painting. In 1996 I moved to East Berlin and I chose the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee.

I grew up in the western part of Germany and liked to meet people who grew up in the former communism eastern part. We studied together at one place but with a contrasting political and cultural background. I met a small open minded and ambitious community there on a high creative level. In 2000 I got a grand at Royal College of Art and I moved to London for one year, which was a very important experience for me.


G:  Why did you interested in fashion?    

A:  In Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee I was introduced to the technique of screen print in their very nice printing department. There I developed the pictorial way of using screen print on textiles in combination with the affinity for fabrics and fashion. That I started selling fashion items was coincidently. When I exhibited my diploma in 2002 I presented a spatial installation containing drawings, print works on different materials and printed / painted t-shirts. A buyer of a progressive fashion store located in Berlin Mitte passed by the gallery and saw the t-shirt installation. He came in asking if he could order them for his store. That was the beginning of my fashion label. I taught myself sewing and pattern making and I opened my own shop. Later I sold my fashion collections worldwide in selected stores, as in United States, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Kingdom of Bahrain and many parts of Europe. Parallel I am always interested in collaborating with other designers, artists and architects. 


G: What do you think about the new designers in Berlin?

A:  Berlin has a great potential in fashion design. Many people from abroad came here to realize their creative ideas. Berlin provides an exciting environment for many small fashion labels. They all have a particular style from a different background. I find it very exciting and inspiring.    


G:  What is the next project for you?    

A: My next project is a collaboration with the artist Ivonne Dippmann.

Our empathy for fashion, textiles and printing brought us together. We

worked out the project “E/Scapes – the disappearance from landscape”.

E/Scapes intents to discuss Tel Aviv and Berlin as an urban space project, addressing issues of the „other“ and the „unknown“. Finally, these socially and politically very opposing „landscapes“ are going to be united into one unique wearable object.


G:  Where do you seek your inspiration?    

A: My inspiration for the imagery comes often from urban structures as architectonical compositions or textures of urban landscapes. More and more I am inspired by organic structures from plants and the natural decomposition.

Furthermore my aim is to discover possibilities to bring my work in a spatial context. The influence of colours and textures of surfaces in spaces is a field within I want to experiment. 


G:  What is your favourite designer and why?    

A: I like Tsumori Chisato, Dries van Noten, Vivienne Westwood and Bernhard Wilhelm to mention some big names because their collections are characterized by the use of prints, colors, original fabrics and layering.

Inspiring young designers for me are Swash London, Anntian, Masha Reva or Julian Zigerli. 


After the interview… 

For me, Andrea is an artist, he used scarf as his painting fabric, and do the “soft sculpture” on his modal. He has really unique designs, since he didn’t do design following the market. In his design, may be you can’t see the latest trendy print. If you like abstract painting , Andrea’s designs are really suitable for you. To be honest, scarf is not a trendy items, it is still an accessories. So it can use different inspiration. The “Art” scarf is really suitable for different kind of outfits, may be it is a mixture of art and fashion. 


Website of Andrea van Reimersdahl:

Andrea van Reimersdahl’s facebook:


When Criminal Girl meets Andrea van Reimersdahl’s collection:

Criminal Girl meets Andrea van Reimersdahl




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