Resort 2015 pick

In resort 2015 , we can see there are so many boyish and sporty styles in resort collections. Criminal Girl likes this kind of styles very much, and let’s see what is her pick in resort 2015.

1) Acne Studios

Acne_Studios_017_1366.450x675 Acne_Studios_015_1366.450x675 Acne_Studios_014_1366.450x675 Acne_Studios_011_1366.450x675 Acne_Studios_010_1366.450x675 Acne_Studios_008_1366.450x675 Acne_Studios_006_1366.450x675 Acne_Studios_005_1366.450x675 Acne_Studios_001_1366.450x675

When Criminal Girl meets Acne Studio Resort 2015 collection 

Criminal Girl meets acne studio resort 2015 collection


2) Diesel Black Gold Label

Diesel_Black_Gold_001_1366.450x675 Diesel_Black_Gold_002_1366.450x675 Diesel_Black_Gold_004_1366.450x675 Diesel_Black_Gold_006_1366.450x675 Diesel_Black_Gold_010_1366.450x675 Diesel_Black_Gold_021_1366.450x675 Diesel_Black_Gold_041_1366.450x675 Diesel_Black_Gold_042_1366.450x675

When Criminal Girl meets Diesel Black Gold Label Resort 2015 collection 

Criminal Girl meets diesel gold black label resort 2015 collection


3) Jil Sander Navy

Sander_Navy_024_1366.450x675 Sander_Navy_002_1366.450x675 Sander_Navy_003_1366.450x675 Sander_Navy_005_1366.450x675 Sander_Navy_006_1366.450x675 Sander_Navy_009_1366.450x675 Sander_Navy_017_1366.450x675 Sander_Navy_018_1366.450x675 Sander_Navy_022_1366.450x675

When Criminal Girl meets Jil Sander Navy Resort 2015 collection

Criminal Girl meets jil sander navy resort 2015 collection


4) Marc by Marc Jacobs

MBMJ_020_1366.450x675 MBMJ_017_1366.450x675 MBMJ_008_1366.450x675 MBMJ_006_1366.450x675 MBMJ_005_1366.450x675 MBMJ_003_1366.450x675 MBMJ_002_1366.450x675

When Criminals Girl meets Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2015 collection 

Criminal Girl meets marc by marc jacobs resort 2015 collection


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