Spring 2015 menswear pick

Spring 2015 menswear pick

I painted the spring 15 menswear pick in black n white, since the spring 15 collections are really graphical ! As a graphic designer, these collections really gave me so many inspiration!

Christopher Shannon

_ARC0424.450x675 _ARC0397.450x675 _ARC0370.450x675 _ARC0212.450x675 _ARC0140.450x675 _ARC0065.450x675 _ARC0049.450x675 _ARC0019.450x675 _ARC0010.450x675

When Criminal Girl meets Christopher Shannon Spring 15 menswear collection 

Criminal Girl meets christopher shannon spring 15 collection


Junya Watanabe

WAT_0662.450x675 WAT_0644.450x675 WAT_0630.450x675 WAT_0615.450x675 WAT_0605.450x675 WAT_0569.450x675 WAT_0559.450x675 WAT_0547.450x675 WAT_0519.450x675 WAT_0480.450x675 WAT_0464.450x675 WAT_0453.450x675 WAT_0436.450x675 WAT_0423.450x675 WAT_0398.450x675 WAT_0388.450x675 WAT_0379.450x675 WAT_0348.450x675 WAT_0328.450x675 WAT_0280.450x675 WAT_0241.450x675 WAT_0204.450x675 WAT_0185.450x675 WAT_0168.450x675 WAT_0134.450x675 WAT_0121.450x675 WAT_0097.450x675 WAT_0071.450x675 WAT_0047.450x675

When Criminal Girl meets Junya Watanabe Spring 15 menswear collection 

Criminal Girl meets Junya Watanabe spring 15 collection



McQ_Alexander_McQueen_020_1366.450x675 McQ_Alexander_McQueen_019_1366.450x675 McQ_Alexander_McQueen_017_1366.450x675 McQ_Alexander_McQueen_016_1366.450x675 McQ_Alexander_McQueen_014_1366.450x675 McQ_Alexander_McQueen_013_1366.450x675 McQ_Alexander_McQueen_011_1366.450x675 McQ_Alexander_McQueen_010_1366.450x675 McQ_Alexander_McQueen_007_1366.450x675 McQ_Alexander_McQueen_006_1366.450x675 McQ_Alexander_McQueen_005_1366.450x675 McQ_Alexander_McQueen_003_1366.450x675 McQ_Alexander_McQueen_002_1366.450x675

When Criminal Girl meets McQ Spring15 menswear collection 

Criminal Girl meets McQ spring 15 collection


Raf Simons

RAF_1288.450x675 RAF_1277.450x675 RAF_1121.450x675 RAF_1085.450x675 RAF_1054.450x675 RAF_0971.450x675 RAF_0938.450x675 RAF_0830.450x675 RAF_0747.450x675 RAF_0556.450x675 RAF_0484.450x675 RAF_0370.450x675 RAF_0345.450x675 RAF_0326.450x675 RAF_0201.450x675 RAF_0085.450x675 AA2X1137.450x675 AA2X1025.450x675 AA2X0878.450x675 AA2X0666.450x675 AA2X0385.450x675 AA2X0287.450x675 AA2X0168.450x675 AA2X0133.450x675 AA2X0123.450x675 AA2X0118.450x675 AA2X0025.450x675

When Criminal Girl meets Raf Simons Spring 15 menswear collection 

Criminal Girl meets raf simons spring 15 collection



KEN_0032.450x675 KEN_0616.450x675 KEN_0529.450x675 KEN_0464.450x675 KEN_0448.450x675 KEN_0437.450x675 KEN_0420.450x675 KEN_0407.450x675 KEN_0305.450x675 KEN_0287.450x675 KEN_0264.450x675 KEN_0234.450x675 KEN_0185.450x675 KEN_0130.450x675 KEN_0101.450x675 KEN_0089.450x675 KEN_0070.450x675

When Criminal Girl meets Kenzo Spring 15 menswear collection 

Criminal Girl meets kenzp spring 15 collection


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