Eyes Catcher – Hana Frisonsova

When Criminal Girl first meet Hana Frisonsova collection, its really catch my eyes.  Hana Frisonsova is a Prague-based designer. Hana did really good accessories, when her unique accessories with the garments, it becomes a eye catching collection. 

Criminal Girl would like to introduce her latest collection and AW 2013 collection .

latest collection – SS2015 Fashion Clash

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FW 2013 collection – Oddity

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Interview with Hana Frisonsova:

G: Criminal Girl, H: Hana Frisonsova

G: Would you please tell me more about your latest collection?

H: The main idea is based on the exposure of the garment object as an artifact. There are many interesting animal exhibits in museums demonstrating rare and peculiar features created by nature. I worked with hand-knitted structures that I composed into collages. The second skin is made of large coat or dress covered with hand-made „animal fur“. Their organic shapes and distinct silhouettes deform the natural body and create an ODDITY. Wearing the coat makes you part of the freak exhibition reminiscent of the world of wild fauna. The colours and details only add to the feeling of bizarre.

G: What is your muse for this collection?

H: The strange animal creatures which can always surprice you

G: What new for you this season? What kind of new make up/ accessories for your latest collection?

H: I made the make-up and styling myself and I used a lot of elements I usualy wear – I love colors in the face and wool accessories.

G: Why did you interested in fashion?

H: Since my childhood my mum teached me some of the hand crafted traditonal techniques like crocheting and macramé. I like the connection with the body, naturalism, and still wervy logic and technological process.

G: What do you think about the new designers in Prague?

H: Some of them are great friends and I love their visions. The new generation goes more outside the country for studies, work or presentations what is great for progress.

G: What is the next project for you?

H: I work on the new collection which will presented during the FASHIONCLASH FESTIVAL at Maastricht. It calls FUTUHERO and there are much more wearable pices for both woman and man. Im inspired by some characters I create again, this time it‘s in between virtual world and paralel spaces.

G: Where do you seek your inspiration?

H: In everything – i love crazy dancing at undeground interesting places, avantgardien friends from berlin, wild nature with great mountains, science fiction, relaxing with crocheting….

G: What is your favorite designer and why?

H: I‘m impressed by many beautiful great minds, alwais great to be surprised. I love the visionary work from around a world.

More information of  Hana Frisonsova

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hanafrisonsova

Not Just A label: https://www.notjustalabel.com/designer/hana-frisonsova


When Criminal Girl meets Hana Frisonsova collection 

Criminal Girl meets SUUS latest collection


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