Deconstruction of Costume – Zsigmond Dora

As a Budapest based designer, Zsigmond Dora try to keep their own traditional culture and turn it to be new fashion styles. Since the love of Budapest culture and the experience of 15 years traditional dancing team member , Zsigmond Dora knew the dancing costume very well and he applied his own imaginary in his deconstruction process. The collection really present the hand craft side of Budapest costume , applying with a modern masculine silhouette and high quality woolen fabric, it makes the collection become unique and trendy. 

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More about Zsigmond Dora FW2015 collection and the brand

The graduation collection was inspired by the hungarian traditional costume  outfit pieces and based on the development of my personal imaginery. 

The folk culture is an important part of my life because I have been being a member of various dance groups for 15 years. I believe that the knowledge of the traditional costumes of different regions is an important part of the culture. I digged deep into traditions. Got inspiration from the patterns and the various shapes of the clothes. The playful stripes got the main motive in my collection which comes from the costumes of a hungarian winter aconite holiday. The patterns found on the collection designed by hand and extremely unique. The men wore long shirts, pinaforas with embroidered ribbons , dropped shoulder jackets, women’s underclothing served as an inspiration for forms. The colours of the collection also reflects these fresh samples, plus adds the on-trend colours for 2015-16. Material-wise the masculine, high quality woolen fabrics, alternative and unique manipulated materials got the characteristic of the collection.

 With this rich cultural background in mind, I use the collection as an expression togetherness, to draw attention to the importance of humane coexistence. I would like to extend the tradition of guarding not only the folk tradition. In addition to today’s busy lifestyle, we have less and less time to devote to each other and people we care for. People are alienated from each other, close up to their little cocoon ,hard to open up to the other, to the difference. It is very important for the designer to draw this issue to the attention of the audience. I wish the men’s collection colour choice, the uneven bars befriending, the mixing of classical materials with alternative materials, the combination of conventional and traditional technology would shine shine through as individual importance in the collection.

 “Zsigmond Dora menswear ” aims men over 20 who have a deep connection and understanding of tradition and intrinsic value. The brand holder is an extravagant man who wants to shine through the crowd.

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When Criminal Girl meets Zsigmond Dora FW 15 collection 

Criminal Girl meets zsigmond dora latest collection


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