Spring 2015 Ready-To-Wear Pick

Spring 2015 Ready-To-Wear Pick

I admit that most of the time I like to post similar style collections…. However, I discovered that my spring 15 ready-to-wear pick is posting quite a wide range of styles. For the romantic Simone Rocha, to the mysteries Rick Owens, to the street causal Hood by Air and Hye Gin Hamm (V-files) , and finally to the commercial Hoonhor and Kenzo….. So let see my wide range pick!

V-files (Hye Gin Hamm)

AA2X0285 AA2X0303 AA2X0323 AA2X0347 AA2X0368 AA2X0387 AA2X0436 AA2X0466


When Criminal Girl meets Hye Gin Hamm Spring 15 ready-to-wear

Criminal Girl spring 15 pick - HYE Gin Hamm

Rick Owens

_UMB3658 _UMB3732 _UMB3772 _UMB3811 _UMB3935 _UMB3954 _UMB3999 _UMB4110 _UMB4144 _UMB4278 _UMB4433 MARC1992 MARC2024 MARC2246 MARC2357 MARC2363 MARC2367


When Criminal Girl meets Rick Owens Spring 2015 Ready-to-wear

Criminal Girl spring 15 pick - Rick Owen


Hood by Air

KIM_0115 KIM_0687 KIM_0583 KIM_0517 KIM_0495 KIM_0439 KIM_0395 KIM_0363 KIM_0343 KIM_0327 KIM_0307 KIM_0265 KIM_0227 KIM_0149 KIM_0135


When Criminal Girl meets Hood by Air Spring 2015 Ready-to-wear

Criminal Girl spring 15 pick - HBA



KEN_0494 KEN_0436 KEN_0366 KEN_0296 KEN_0249 KEN_0225 KEN_0213 KEN_0199 KEN_0187 KEN_0169 KEN_0145 KEN_0129 KEN_0113 KEN_0059 KEN_0037 KEN_0033 KEN_0032 _A2X0462 _A2X0401 _A2X0296 _A2X0221 _A2X0151 _A2X0117 _A2X0114 _A2X0073 _A2X0052 _A2X0010


When Criminal Girl meets Kenzo Spring 2015 Ready-to-wear

Criminal Girl spring 15 pick - kenzo



Simone Rocha

ROC_0037 ROC_0565 ROC_0501 ROC_0447 ROC_0433 ROC_0347 ROC_0315 ROC_0277 ROC_0245 ROC_0205 ROC_0099 ROC_0055


When Criminal Girl meets Simone Rocha Spring 2015 Ready-to-wear




21_Koonhor_original_khr_ss15_041 19_Koonhor_original_khr_ss15_037 18_Koonhor_original_khr_ss15_035 15_Koonhor_original_khr_ss15_029 13_Koonhor_original_khr_ss15_025 12_Koonhor_original_khr_ss15_023 11_Koonhor_original_khr_ss15_021 09_Koonhor_original_khr_ss15_017 08_Koonhor_original_khr_ss15_015 07_Koonhor_original_khr_ss15_013 06_Koonhor_original_khr_ss15_011 05_Koonhor_original_khr_ss15_009 04_Koonhor_original_khr_ss15_007 03_Koonhor_original_khr_ss15_005 02_Koonhor_original_khr_ss15_003


When Criminal Girl meets Koonhor Spring 2015 Ready-to-wear 


Criminal Girl spring 15 pick- koonhor



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