I am watching you – 8Cuff (Suh Sue)

I am watching you – 8Cuff (Suh Sue)

” A Superhero that found dead! ” This is the description of Watchman from the editor Alan Moore. Watchman is the more human-being like hero in American hero stories, and 8Cuff designer Suh Sue used this story to create her collection “Who watches the watchman” Her collection really show the both side and the justice fightvof human-being, Criminal Girl really likes the hand drawing digital print and the sporty elements of this collection. 

who_watches_the_watchmen_pt._1_notjustalabel_354002634 who_watches_the_watchmen_pt._1_notjustalabel_1802218649who_watches_the_watchmen_pt._1_notjustalabel_466602558 who_watches_the_watchmen_pt._1_notjustalabel_622389069 who_watches_the_watchmen_pt._1_notjustalabel_755676995 who_watches_the_watchmen_pt._1_notjustalabel_957790777 who_watches_the_watchmen_pt._1_notjustalabel_1338853670 who_watches_the_watchmen_pt._1_notjustalabel_1494292249  who_watches_the_watchmen_pt._1_notjustalabel_1630515735who_watches_the_watchmen_pt._1_notjustalabel_34697450  who_watches_the_watchmen_pt._1_notjustalabel_1881391638who_watches_the_watchmen_pt._1_notjustalabel_1570077145

More information of Suh Sue :

Official Website: http://www.8cuff.com/

Facebook page: 


When Criminal Girl meets Suh Sue 

Criminal Girl meets Suh Sue


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