The Sense of Insecurity – Mandi Lam

The Sense of Insecurity – Mandi Lam 

Remember the moment when the flash light come over you when you are taking photos? A legend even said that our soul will be absorb by the flash light. This is a kind of sense of insecurity of human being. Mandi Lam wants to use this feeling as inspiration for her collection “Expose” She used different kind of knit structure and rough hand drawing to present the inner fear of human being. For her , “Expose” is kind of transparency of human being, and this is the inner fear of human being in her surreal life. 

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Interview with Mandi Lam

G: Criminal Girl  M : Mandi Lam 

G: Would you please tell me more about your latest collection?

M: My graduate collection in knitwear ” E x p o s e ” is about the revealing of invisible, unheard, intangible or ever-changing matters. It is based on my personal character and experience which can also be applied to different individuals given the sense of insecurity as a human-being. The sense of insecurity and instability triggered my intension to alter the existing forms of things that I wanted to ‘expose’ things through coating the knitted fabric with transparent film with prints, like the magnified-knitted-structures, bonded to it. The resulting shaped and leathery garments, which are actually all made with knitted fabrics, reform traditional knitwear design.

G: What is your muse for this collection?

M: The formation of this collection actually began with last summer when I was enrolling a concept development short course at Central Saint Martins. I was particularly drawn by Surrealism during the research process so it sets groundwork for my latter knitwear textile development with reference to the artworks, objects, ideas and techniques. The fact that Surrealism is about the accessibility to our unconscious mind influenced my mindset when creating the collection. For instance, my choice to print magnified knitted structures on knitted fabrics is initially induced by the juxtaposition in Surrealism.

G: Why are you interested in fashion?

M: I think different people have their own ways to express, some through writings, paintings, music or performances, etc. I find myself more expressive and more able to contribute my creativity in fashion/textile design.

G: What do you think about the new designers in Hong Kong?

M: New designers in Hong Kong are becoming more and more creative and versatile, and have their own thoughts. Although it always seems difficult for us to be compared with other countries which have more rich cultural background and history, the good thing is we are more free to create our own identity and shape our own perspectives.

G: What is the next project for you?

M: I am actually interested in future textile that I will continue looking into other possibilities in textile design and materials, possibly concerning sustainability and technology. It may not be something that I could come up with within a short period of time but that is the field that I am hoping to work on for the coming future. But meanwhile, I am going to work on some side projects first.

G: Where do you seek your inspiration?

M: I tend to believe everything can be inspiring with our own way of seeing it. So you can basically seek it everywhere, even just walking on the streets. To me, it is a more accumulative and natural process that inspiration is a complex of my emotion, experience and different seen objects so I collect different pieces from everywhere and combine them with context to result my own formula and concept. Art galleries, museums and libraries are always, but not limit to, the places I can find things to start up with. 

G: Who is your favorite designer and why?

M: Hussein Chalayan. He is the reason why I believe in what I believe.

Website of Mandi Lam:

Not Just a Label :

When Criminal Girl meets Mandi Lam “Expose” collection 

Criminal Girl meets Mandi lam

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