Up & coming designer – Marie Sophie Beinke

Marie Sophie Beinke is a graduate of Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. She born in Munich, Germany and based in Antwerp now. She was awarded Honest By’s first Future Fashion Designer Scholarship in 2014. In 2005 fashion show of Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, she won the he prestigious Christine Mathys Award in association with Dries van Noten as well as Antwerp Fashion Museum’s MoMu Award.

Criminal Girl would like to introduce her master collection ” Der Klub der wilden Maler” which is inspired by a painting of a forest by the expressionist painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. This is a fun project of renewed or modernised a old painting to be fashion wear. The good use of sequence to form a painting or the all over print of this collection impressed Criminal Girl a lot.



Please see below as the interview with Marie Sophie Beinke:

G: Criminal Girl , M: Marie Sophie Beinke:

G: Would you please tell me more about your graduation collection?

M: It was a painting of a forest by the expressionist painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, a German artist from the artist group “Die Brücke”, that struck me. Visual arts, especially painting and sculpture have often been sources of inspiration for me. In my graduation collection there are two visual languages that I explore– free painting and abstract shapes. I have merged these different atmospheres and colours, to create a graphic tension. Tradition is a recurring theme in my work at the Royal Academy, as well as craftsmanship. Classic menswear, suits but also the kimono provide pattern inspirations I love working with. Block printing, hand-painting, tufting, knitting and embroidery are all techniques I have used for this collection. The diversity in tailoring, material, and print is my way of paying tribute to one of my favourite artists.


G: Who is your muse for this collection?

M: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner


G:What kind of techniques did you specifically use in your latest collection?

M: Tufting, embroidery, painting, block printing, knitting


G: What do you think about the new designers in Germany?

M: There are quite a few good German designers and recent graduates from the Antwerp Fashion Department. Take for example WeberHodelFeder – Niklaus Hodel, Florian Feder and Matthias Weber – they feature their own shoe brand in Antwerp. Or Frederick Hornof, he just released his own womens collection for preorder online. Wali Mohammed Barrech just did a new line of bags, and Felix Boehm is working for Veronique Branquino.

G: What is the next project for you?

M: I am working with Walter van Beirendonck in Antwerp.

G: Where do you seek your inspiration?

M: In everyday life, in books, in films, in conversations.

G: Who is your favorite designer and why?

M: Comme des Garcons. I appreciate the drama in the stories, the experiment and the artistic approach.


More information of Marie Sophie Beinke :

Antwerp Fashion information :


Honest.by – shop for Marie Sophie Beinke:



When Criminal Girl meets Marie Sophie Beinke: 

Criminal Girl meets Marie Sophie Beinke graduate collection



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