Up & coming brand – Fade out

Fade out is a Berlin based unisex line of exclusive clothing and accessories made from deconstructed vintage using handicraft methods. FADE OUT embodies a dump-to-hanger ethos and celebrates responsible recycling of materials and innovative designs. They don’t believe that fashion got a timeline, every fashion items is timeless and renewable. Criminal Girl likes the vintage renew and deconstruction concept of Fade out, lets see their denim renew collection and interview.

G: Criminal Girl   F: Fade out

G: Would you please tell me more about your latest collection?

F: Our collection was mainly born from a personal need of expression that merged into communication through the visual language of fashion.

It is a collection made of recycled material, especially denim, with which we have created unisex, comfortable garments that leave the body free in oversized volumes of researched design. All garments or accessories, are handmade in our studio in Berlin which is why every item is repeatable but unique in its kind and can also be customized or bespoke/made to measure. All the items of the collection are available in other colour variants, like black denim, which is new to the world of recycled fashion. Fade Out’s collection is to be considered as a permanent collection to which new pieces will be added over time, free from seasons and from the rhythms of the official fashion system.

G: What is your muse for this collection?

F: We could say that Fade Out’ inspirational muse was the streets, watching and interpreting contemporary demands of the people that liven them up. We have created clothes that shape these demands through our experience and our taste.

G: What kind of techniques you special used in your latest collection?

F: Fade Out uses recycled denim that we buy at charity shops and then unpick, wash, sanitise, iron and match between them joining different pieces and hues as if it were a mosaic to create recycled garments in a creative manner.

G: What do you think about the new designers in Berlin?

F: Berlin comes from a fashion ground zero, everything is in evolution, there is no sartorial tradition behind, like in other cities like Milan, Paris or London, so new designers are more propositive and concrete, the berliner approach contains less quotes of styles from the past, it is more projected to the future. Collections generally mirror a lot the practical mentality of the city.

G: What is the next project for you?

F:  We are thinking of opening towards selling more to shops and boutiques and not limiting ourselves to only online sales. We like the idea that our garments can be touched, tried on by people and not only seen and bought through the filter of a screen. We also want to enlarge the collection with new garments and experiment new materials and different volumes.

G:  Where do you seek your inspiration?

F:  As we happened to answer a similar question we could say that Fade Out could be linked to artists like Yves Klein and his blue or to Alberto Burri’s and Robert Rauschenberg’s patchwork and to the recovery of objects in the american New Dada movement or to Alejandro Jodorowski’s writings and films for all those alchemies so full of respect or to the collages in Max Ernst’s graphic novels, you could also associate it to unknown B-sides of flashy 80s records, to the hypnotic movement of Fela Kuti’s african sounds, to Neneh Cherry’s Raw like Sushi and to the auditory contaminations through Loredana Berté and to Simon Le Bon’s persona or to Japanese Boro and quilted hippy clothing or to the instinctive world of Berlin’s alternative club scene, where manifold old objects put together create whole temples dedicated to amusement, like at Kater Blau or at Heidegluehen or to the contrast between the old, corroded facades of Berlin’s houses and the hi-tec constructions of its new official buildings, you could say all of this and you could add lots more but it is actually all of the experiences in us that we bare to create Fade Out.

G:  What is your favorite designer and why?

F: There is not just one favourite designer but many and for different reasons; it would be difficult to make a list which is why we just name a few.

We start by saying that we love brands that like us offer handicraft products and have a contemporary and personal style very much. When it comes to clothing we’d like to mention the label of the designer and singer Tatachristiane, with her unmistakable, vivid, excessive, very simply: ‘baroque streetwear’. We love the positive energy of her clothes passed down through their shapes, colours and volumes. It is clothes that live on an own life, they do not necessarily need a human body wearing them to communicate their very beauty.

Among our favourite accessory designers there is the enchanted world of Butcher’s Broom who offers jewellery-like accessories made of crochet, semi-precious stones and metal, characterized by a very refined and at the same time apocalyptic style. Pieces that connect tradition, wisdom and innovation.

Lamerti’s kaleidoscopic bijoux made in a Tiffany-like technique containing between glass and precious metals small organic elements picked in nature within them.

The Kuboraum mask-glasses are a good example for us and our enterprise. Frames designed and planned in Berlin but handicraft in Italy, they show structures of winsome and revolutionary lines.

More information of Fade out:



When Criminal Girl meets Fade out Collection

Criminal Girl meets Fade out collection


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