2016 graduations report – LCF- Neil Xu Hao

Neil Xu Hao is the graduated studys of London College of Fashion BA (Hons) Bespoke Tailoring. Neil takes inspiration from modern product design, deconstructed traditional tailoring way by using new textile and new method.

Neil Xu Hao won the LCF x Turnbull & Asser Shirt Challenge when he is studying in London College of Fashion. The head of design of Turnbull & Asser ,Dean Gomilsek-Cole, really appreciate Neil’s way to transform classic to contemporary, and avant- garde way. From his graduation pieces, we can see that Neil will keep this style as his signature designs.

Interview with Neil Xu Hao

G: Criminal Girl, N: Neil Xu Hao

G: Would you please teel me more about your graduation collection?

N: The inspiration came from me wanting to construct different methods of modern product design, and how they mortify traditional  methods into something that is new and fresh. I also worked around the concept of , What you see is not what you think it is, which I got from photographer Chema Madoz. I wanted to create pieces with traditional tailoring techniques that are also different to what you think it is, something that isn’t just a dress or coat for example.

G: What is your muse for this collection?

N: Boyish girls and girly boys.

G:What new for you this season? What kind of new make up / accessories for your latest collection?

N: I have collaborated with a textile student and all the accessories was made by her. Although they are quite different from my style but it brought new feelings to my garments.

G: Why did you interested in fashion?

N: I have always interested in design, and fashion I think is one thing that is really close to our day to day life.

G: What do you think about the new designers in London?

N: There are indeed a lot of new very talented designers nowadays, London I felt there is a vibe of youth culture going around though out each years fashion week.

G: What is the next project for you?

N: I will be starting to work in the industry to gain more real experience.

G: Where do you seek your inspiration?

N: In my daily life, I do my research online mostly.

G: What is your favourite designer and why?

N: For now my favourite are Paula Gerbase, the designer of 1205, Chrisophe Lemaire , the designer of Lemaire. Conselo Castiglioni the designer of Marni, simple is because I love their designs.

More informations of Neil Xu Hao:



When Criminal Girl meets Neil Xu Hao graduation collection

Criminal Girl meets Neil Xu Hao collection


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