Up & coming designer – Florentina Leitner

Florentina Leitner  is an Austria based fashion student , studying in first year of Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. This collection is her first project of her studies which is inspired by Wrestlers. She used the concept of alter egos (the second outfits) to create a fairy tale “sleeping beauty” second outfits for a girl. Criminal Girl really like the tonal floral silhouette and quilting , and the whole collection just like a girly sculptures.


Interview with Florentina Leitner

G: Criminal Girl, F: Florentina Leitner

G: Would you please tell me more about your latest collection?

F: My latest collection was based on two different university projects from the Royal Academy of fine arts in Antwerp which I am attending at the moment. So we had a skirt and a dress project this year and my interpretation for these two projects where different but in the end working together quit well. My inspiration for the skirt where wrestlers and the whole culture around wrestling. Wrestlers creating this alter egos with their outfits and I wanted to try the same so I made my own wrestling character, girly, fun, playful. For my dress, I got inspiration from the fairy tale “sleeping beauty”. A sleeping beauty covered by roses and other flowers.


G: What is your muse for this collection?

F: I am always getting inspired by young girls around my age which are following their dreams and are open for new things. For this project I wanted someone with a fairy touch. My model Ella was perfect for the shoot, she is still very young but very professional I am sure she will have a great modeling career.


G: Whats new for you his season? What ikind of new made up or accessories for your latest collection?

F: For the shooting we didn’t used make up at all cause Ella has a perfect skin and also I wanted to get a natural pure look for the phonos. In this case it was really about the outfits so I didn’t made accessories for my projects bu I am always a big fan of nice shoes and bags. A friend of mine, Lukas Gschwandtner: (official website :  http://lukasgschwandtner.com) makes really nice bags you should check it out he is only one of many upcoming Austrian designers.


G: Why did you interested in fashion?

F: I started to ask myself wiht 14 what I want to do in my life. I always wanted to do something creative so I started researching schools in Austria and found the Vienna Institute of Fashion . It is very nice school for young people which want to start in the fashion industry. There I was specialized myself in knitwear design, the school takes 5 years and after that you get your high school diploma and a certificate about your specialization. During that time I got more and more interested in becoming a designer. I finished the school in Vienna with 19 and then I decided to go to Antwerp. The university in Antwerp has amazing teachers and also is one of the top fashion universities world wide, for me definitely the best choice.


G: What do you think about the new designers in Austria?

F: The problem is that Austria is not really a good place to do fashion. We don’t really have a lot of companies which are producing clothes so there is a big lack of fashion design jobs. Of course you could open your own business but that takes time and money and a lot of young creatives first and to gather some more experience before they make their own label. So most of the new Austrian designers are not anymore based in Austria. Most of them moved to Paris, Milan or London. However, there is still a small but nice fashion scene in Vienna, labels like DMMJK, Wendy & Jim, Andy Wolf Eyewear and GON bringing new inventive designs to Vienna.


G: What is the next project for you?

F: As I’m still studying my next university project will be a historical costume, I didn’t decided yet what kind of costume I want to do but I am already looking forward to that project. After that I will make a collection within 5 looks. And beside my university projects I am always open to get experience by doing internships or work together with artists and other designers for exhibitions and other projects.


G: Where do you seek your inspiration?

F: I try to get my inspiration from everywhere and everything. I try to collection interesting things and I make a lot of notes when I have an interesting idea. Of course I also use the internet but I think sometimes its an overload of a bunch of boring pictures so I try to mix the internet research and buy books make photos or just use drawings as inspirations. I mostly combine topics and also getter during my design process more and more insertion thats funny cause then sometimes your result is somethings totally different then your actual starting point.


G: What is your favorite designer and why?

F: Hmm… To be honest I think especially in such a big and creative industry like fashion it is really difficult to name just one person cause also behind that person there is always and amazing team out of other designers. So I cant really name just one person but to name some designers I really like at the moment, Miuccia Prada, Molly Goddard, Alesssandro Michele and Jonathan Anderson.


More information of Florentina Leitner

Official website:


Not just a label account:



When Criminal Girl meets Florentina Leitner collection

Criminal Girl meets  Florentina Leitner SS17 collection


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