Up & coming designer – Jarrod Reid

In the new culture crush of generation Z , gender is not a big issue affecting society form, job choosing and love. Jarrod Reid presents this new culture to the public through his new collection. The script “Eat that cake” inspired by the description of “Cake Eater”, showing the gender exploration of the new generation. The cutting of whole collection also presented the gender mix idea.

Interview with Jarrod Reid

G: Criminal Girl  , J: Jarrod Reid

G: Would you please tell me more about your latest collection?

J: Gender is only a social construct and yet is one of the most powerful forms of social control. We are born as human bodies and that is all we are without society/culture conditioning, our thoughts, and behavior . EAT THAT CAKE is my visual representation of contemporary gay culture and plays with the idea of masculinity and gender norms expressed through dress.

G: What is your muse for this collection?

J: Leigh Bowery has always been a muse for me. His attitude towards clothing and its relationship to the body motivates what I do.

G: What new for you this season? What kind of new make up/ accessories for your latest collection?

J: I recently did a collection in collaboration with Charly Keen, which was inspired by the ridiculousness of terrible infomercials we see during daytime television. Infomercial Torment light heartedly mocks the “end results” of these unrealistic beauty standards that infomercials portray. For our editorial shoot we wanted loud and vibrant makeup that complimented our print.

G: Why did you interested in fashion?

J: It was around the middle of high school where I became a little more conscious of fashion and what I was wearing and what others were wearing. Not so much following the latest trends however wearing what felt comfortable to me. As corny as it may sound, it was around that age where I really learned to express myself through my clothing and dress.

G: What do you think about the new designers in New Zealand?

J: I feel like there is so much new talent coming out of New Zealand which is really cool to see!!!

G: What is the next project for you?

J: I am in the middle of designing my honors collection. Which is all very exciting. It is still early stages at this point however so stay tuned .

G: Where do you seek your inspiration?

J: Documentary’s and books.

G: What is your favorite designer and why?

J: Lucilla Gray. I’ve always had a talent crush on her! Her silhouettes, shapes and prints are so beautiful.


More information of Jarrod Reid



When Criminal Girl meets Jarrod Reid



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